So Much Work

I had a job interview at a home decorating store today. It's owned by a larger, well known home improvement chain, so their hiring standards where in line with the parent company's.

I first had to take an online test before I could qualify for the the interview. Those are easy enough, just don't say you lose your temper easily, or steal when you feel angry at the company. (Although, I'm angry at my company, so I stole all the Twix out of the mixed candy bag. Don't tell.)

So I received the call for the interview a few days ago, and scheduled the interview for today.

The interview itself went fine, with the usual questions. The job honestly sounds great. It'd be similar pay to what I make now, but it a much more related field to what I'm going to school for. They sounds fairly relaxed, especially compared to my current employer.

Then I had to take an IQ test. I'm not super worried about it, because I consider myself to be moderately intelligent. It was timed however, which is a little weird to me. I've never been on an interview where you have to take a timed IQ test. You had to answer 50 questions in 12 minutes. They said no one ever finished it. I came pretty close, but no.

So I guess I'll know in a few days.

Would you hire this person to sell chaise lounges and throw pillows?


Poppy said...

I don't have any chaise lounges or throw pillows for you to sell. So... no.

I would hire you to be snarky to college students when they say "I'm paying you people 30 grand a year to wipe my ass, you better wipe it!"

Want that job?

Avitable said...

That's only 4 questions per minute, and you couldn't finish it? For shame.

I'd hire to you have a naked pillow fight - wait, what were you asking?

Robin said...

I'll hire you to be my assistant. You will have to wear low cut shirts and plaid skirts. I will pay you in witty humor and cynicism.

whall said...

No, but I would lounge around and throw pillows at you while I chastised you for impersonating a higher cell.

Amanda said...

Poppy- That sounds awesome. Yes, please.

Avitable- If this job doesn't pan out, I may have to take you up on that.

Robin- Most of my shirts are low cut anyway, so this seems like a perfect fit.

Whall- Like a pillow fight?

The Ferryman said...

You resemble Lisa Marie Presley when she was that age. Anyone ever tell you that?

Willie G said...

This is my first visit, so I might need a second interview, but your picture is nice, so I might chase you in a lounge.... wait... did I get that confused... :-)

Anonymous said...

Online interviews? Pff I'd rock at those...I wouldn't randomly quote Snakes on a Plane. Bah. Grr.

I'd hire you! Cause pretty girls are good at selling chaise lounges and throw pillows :D