Growing up, my brother and I were pretty opposite. We still are, but in different ways. He was rambunctious, got in trouble a lot, and my parents had to put him into a ton of different sports so he had an outlet for all that energy.

I was shy, liked nothing more than sitting inside and reading, and my parents put me into ballet so I would have to socialize with other kids.

We switched rolls as we got older. He became quieter, more focused, and less social. I went a bit wild in high school, spent all my time with boys and partying.

Throughout the years, I've been the emotional one, while he stands there stoic. We've had a bad couple of years in my family, from my parents divorce to my grandfather dying.

And now, as I tweeted a bit ago, my 27 year old brother has stomach cancer.

It started around Fourth of July. The day before, he started throwing up blood while at work. They admitted him to the hospital, and kept him several days for observation.

It turned out he had a tumor in his stomach. It had encapsulated, so that was a positive.

Yesterday they operated on him to remove the tumor, and they say they got about 90% of it out. They'll know more in a few days as to what the next course of action is.

But he's doing alright. He's taking it all in stride. I think he's going to be just fine.


Avitable said...

I didn't see your tweet - I hope everything works out okay.

Robin said...

I also missed the tweet and I'm always on it seems, I'm thinking good thoughts for your brother and you.

Poppy said...

Ohhh, Amanda.


I don't pray, but I will be thinking of you and him.