Take A Bow

I thought I was prepared. I knew Watchmen was going to be long. I knew it was going to be dark, and serious, and all that. I knew there was going to be lots of blue penis.

I should point out, I haven't read the graphic novel. Or any graphic novel. And I'm not usually a fan of the superhero movie, unless it's really good. Or Funny. (like The Dark Knight, or Iron Man)

It definitely had it's good parts, it was beautifully shot, well acted, dark and moody, and all that good stuff.

But this movie was ridiculously, unbearably long. I thought it was going to be okay, because I kept reading reviews on how awesome it was. And I think it could have been a really good movie if someone would LEARN HOW TO EDIT.

It was unnecessarily long. I guess the point was to keep it as true to the novel as possible, but the thing is? With a novel? You can put it down and walk away, and unfortunately you cannot do the same in the movie theater. I mean, yeah, you can walk out, but I would have been waiting alone while Mike finished watching it.

I want those three hours of my life back.

Take A Bow - Muse


Avitable said...

If he tried to put everything that was in the book in it, it would have been 12 hours long. I don't know how much he could have edited without sacrificing more of the story. You should read the book, though - it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm not into graphic novels at all so I've not read Watchmen either. I will probably just wait until I can see it on DVD...cause I have to pee a lot, LOL.

Seals said...

I liked it a lot but I, too, thought it needed a good 20-minute edit. Too many speeches. Some of the fights were too long too.

I liked that they went out and made a real, R-rated super hero movie. They didn't puss out just to get the tween audience.

Robin said...

I couldn't be less interested in seeing it.

whall said...

I'm looking forward to the movie, but you can bring me into your "never read a graphic novel" group.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie without reading the comic first too and while I liked the movie, it was hard at times for me to sit for 3 hours.
The big, blue naked guy helped though.;)

Amanda said...

Avitable- Yeah... I don't want to have to sit through that plot again

Hilly- I was proud of myself, I didn't get up to pee through the whole thing. And I even had a beer.

Ajooja- I did like the R rated factor too

Robin- I don't blame you. It wasn't exactly my first choice of movie

Whall- They just don't seem that interesting

Hannah- Well, the penis was definitely the star of the show

Anonymous said...

I will wait til it comes out on DVD, I definitely don't have the patience to sit three hours through a movie lol!