I Watched You Change

I took the day off so I could study for my final tomorrow. Instead, I watched tv and played around on the internet. Oh, and I cut my hair.

I'm not exactly a stranger to haircutting. I've cut my boyfriend's hair lots of times, and when I had bangs I trimmed them myself.

However, I've never cut my own hair full scale. I love my hair long, but my boyfriend prefers it shorter. This doesn't really bother me, but it's getting hotter out and my hair feels like a blanket on my neck, so I figured it was time to cut it.

(please excuse the poor bathroom lighting, the lack of make-up, and my lack of photoshop skills so I couldn't touch these up.)

Here's how it started:

Here's the halfway point where I started to doubt what I was doing. Can you see the grimace on my face? Yeah. I'm seriously regretting this.

And the final product, after I took a shower and flat ironed my hair. Still no make-up though. It's not uneven, my head is tilted. Sad face.

Thankfully my hair grows back quickly.
P.S.- I do own shirts that aren't old concert tees.


The Ferryman said...

Looks good to me. You have beautiful hair.

Avitable said...

You look so young. Like I almost feel bad about masturbating to those pictures.

Robin said...

Looks great, love your hair.

Amanda said...

Mr. Fab- Thank you

Avitable- Masturbate away, I'm legal

Robin- Thanks