On My List

I'm blatantly stealing this idea from Avitable.

My Bucket List (I tried not to make them all travel oriented)

  • Move to a different country. Or at least a very different region of this one. I’d love to pack it all up and move to London. That’s my dream. Mike wants to move to Seattle or Vancouver… I guess his dream is easier to obtain. Either way, we were both born and raised here, and we need to explore more.
  • Spend time in a country where I don’t speak the language. We went to Paris for a day and I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. We stuck to London and Dublin because they’re English speaking. I want to ride a gondola in Venice and the tour the south of France, or go to Russia or Brazil. Somewhere where English isn’t the most prevalent language.
  • See the Northern Lights in person. Something about this phenomenon has always fascinated me, but I’ve never been anywhere it’s visible.
  • Drive across the US. I’ve seen a fair amount of this country, but I’d love to be able to take a lot of it in at once.
  • Go to Mardi Gras. We tend to avoid holidays and festivities like the plague, but just once I’d love to go to a big huge party celebration. I’m uncomfortable in crowds, so this would be a test for me.
  • Start running, for real. I go for a jog once or twice a week, but I never really get into it. I need to establish a routine. It’s not going to get any easier to lose weight the older I get.
  • Get a tattoo. I know what I want, and where I want it, but I’m a chicken. I need to man up and just do it.
  • Try more “extreme” activities. I haven’t done anything dangerous. I’m not even scared, more apathetic. Sky Diving, Parasailing, and Zorbing are all things I’d love to try.
  • Learn to Sculpt. I’ve taking painting, drawing, and photography classes, but sculpture isn’t something I’ve gotten to experience very often. I’d love to really learn the skill. My mom still has a bowl I “sculpted” in Kindergarten.
  • See the Shins and Editors in concert. They don’t have to be together, obviously. I’ve seen all the rest of my favorite bands live (Radiohead, Death Cab, Snow Patrol, The Decemberists, The Killers, Starsailor, etc.) but I’d really like to see these two as well.
  • Learn the difference in wines. I know if I like a wine or not, and I can tell you if it’s dry or sweet, but that’s it. I can’t blindly taste the difference between a malbec and a cabernet, or pick up the hints of apple or Edam or whatever.
What's on your list?