Too Shy Shy

So, my first day of class was today. I'm only taking one class this semester. I was supposed to be taking three, but one of them got canceled, which pushes me back to graduating a semester later than I had planned. Which sucks. So I decided to drop the other class so I could take it next semester, leaving me to focus on this one class.

Pretty much all my friends graduated in the spring, so I only vaguely knew a few people in this class. We're going to have a semester long project based on a country of our choosing. With a partner.

Then the teacher announced we were picking our own partners. In a class where I don't know anyone.

It's amazing how quickly you can revert back into being a scared 14 year old, on your first day of high school, worrying that no one wants to be your friend. The embarrassment, the racing heartbeat, the flushed cheeks.

Only, when I was 14, I wasn't this bad. I was confident. I had friends. I knew what I was doing. Why is it harder now? It's not like its a big deal. It's not embarrassing to not know someone. You just introduce yourself, and voila! You know them. We're all grownups. Well, I am. Some of my classmates are still children.

Thankfully the guy in front of me didn't have a partner, either. The cute, well dressed, funny guy in front me.

I was starting to get psyched about this, as we discussed which country to choose. I wanted England. He wanted Russia. Or Mexico, where his partner's from. Of course.

(We chose Sweden.)

Chapter Two I Think I Fell In Love With You

I used to see these photo-memes every once in awhile, but I haven't seen it in a long time so I thought I'd resurrect. Take a picture of your book pile. The books you're planning on reading, not books you stick in there to look smart. Don't take out the embarrassing ones, I sure didn't. My pile's a little bigger than normal because I went to the library today and recently raided my mother's bookcase (1-3).

1. Barbara Freethy-Don't Say A Word: Okay, it's cheesy, but I do like the occasional romantic suspense novel. In moderation. It's about a lady who tries to find where she's from and figure out her past which she can't rememberf.

2. Fern Michaels- Late Bloomer: My mom recommended this one. There's a good chance I won't actually read it. I think it's about a lady who makes amends with her childhood friends.

3. Heather Graham- The Presence: Not just romantic suspense, but supernatural romantic suspense with a Scottish Laird.

4. Guy Gavriel Kay- The Summer Tree: I've heard this is a great book from a lot of people, so I thought I should actually try it finally. For some reason I've really been into fantasy recently.

5. Jean Hegland- Into the Forest: I love a good post-apocalyptic novel.

6. Katie Williams- The Space Between Trees: A coming of age novel. Mostly I grabbed it because of the beautiful cover

7. Andrew Pyper-The Wildfire Season: This is the one I'm currently reading, I'm not sure how to describe it. It's sort of a thriller but really it's a downer. It's depressing me.

8. Michelle Cooper- A Brief History of Montmaray: Another YA novel, but this one's a historical novel about a fictitious kingdom and the royal family .

9. Jordan Sonnenblick- After Ever After: Yet another YA novel (I know, I know), this one about a boy whose cancer is in remission and how people interact with him.

10. Audrey Niffenegger- Her Fearful Symmetry: Her other book, The Time Traveler's Wife, is one of my all time favorites. This one didn't get the best reviews, but I figure it's worth a shot. '

*** If you're wondering what the books are sitting on, it's a step thing that came with a step aerobics DVD. I use it as a table for my books now. Because I'm classy.***