Surely You'll Buy Your Pint

I have crawled out of bed to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately I have dinner to cook for lots of people tonight, so I look forward to infecting them all. Sucks to be them, but at least they get delicious steak before the germs set in.

On Saturday I bought a car finally. I know I said I was going to like a month ago but the dealer sold it before I got around to it. Procrastination does not pay off, kids. Its a slightly used Nissan Altima. I have to go finalize the paperwork this afternoon, so I will also infect my dealer. Lucky her.

Have a great New Year's Eve! Drink lots for me because I don't think I'll be able to hold my liquor in my normal fashion. I'm sure the wine at dinner will cause me to pass out early on. Actually, I normally pass out before midnight due to excesses in drinking, so this will be like any other year.

I Know This Girl She Likes To Switch Teams

Okay, so I'm not a lesbian. But damn... This picture could turn me into one (yes, I know you're not "turned" gay, blah blah blah). I mean I had a few experimental times, especially after drinking. But for Kristen Bell, I think I would go straight up lesbian. I miss my Veronica.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I am dying. Either that, or I have strep. Awesome. Have a good weekend.

I Think This Was A Test

My family needs to start talking before they buy me presents...

Did you all have a good Christmas? Mine was mostly good, just super busy. I woke up and exchanged presents with my mom and brother. Then my boyfriend came over and picked me up, we went to his house for breakfast with his family and then present opening with his nephew. We then drove an hour to go to my country ass relatives house, quickly ate lunch, then drove back into the city. We stopped at my Dad's so I could pick up presents, then went to my boyfriend's Grandparents' house for dinner. We stayed there for most of the afternoon and evening. I'm freaking exhausted.

I received loads of gift cards and duplicate DVDs. My present from my boyfriend was the tickets to Wicked last week, plus some clothes and DVDs.
I almost gave my mom a heart attack when she overheard me tell my brother "[my boyfriend] got me Knocked Up". So that was good times.

And now I feel a little sick, I drank a bottle of wine at dinner.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I'm going to go pass out now.

You Make It Sound Like Christmas Is A Four Letter Word

I have a confession to make. I don't hate Christmas. I certainly crab about it, about the crowds and the snow and the traffic, but deep down, I still like it.

Sure, it can be stressful. And overly fucking Merry people can be annoying... but still. It's Christmas.

I'm not going to get all religious here, because that's not what I'm all about, but Christ was born, or at least this is when we choose to celebrate His birth, and I think that gets so lost in the commercial shuffle.

Anyways... I hope those of you who celebrate have a Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate, then have an awesome Tuesday.

It's All About Popular

Last night we went to see Wicked (which was great by the way). And now I am exhausted, because I got home really late. Thankfully I've chosen to go into work late, because I am devoted like that.

So instead of an original post, I'm going to copy off of both Avitable and Poppy and do a meme. God knows I love music themed anything.

Rules: Put your music player on shuffle, press forward for each question and use the song title as the answer.

What does next year have in store for me?
Pills, Demons, Etc.- Velvet Revolver

What's my love life like?
I Will Kill Again by Jarvis Cocker

What do I say when life gets hard?
Brand New Colony by Postal Service

What do I think of on waking up?
This Year by The Thrills

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

(This is probably very true)

What do I want as a career?
Dead Wrong by The Fray

My favorite saying?
Unless It's Kicks by Okkervil River

Favorite place?
Baby by Serj Tankian

What do I think of my parents?
Night Timing by Coconut Records

What's my porn star name?
Tales From The Forest of The Gnomes by Wolfmother

(Now that's a sexy name, right?)

Where would I go on a first date?
No One Would Riot For Less by Bright Eyes
(I love going to riots on dates, that's so true)

Drug of choice?
Black Wave by The Shins

Describe myself.
Someone Else's Life by Joshua Radin

(now that's depressing)

What is the thing I like doing most?
Your House by Jimmy Eat World

What is my state of mind like at the moment?
Tonight Not Again by Jason Mraz

How will I die?
You Got It All... Wrong by The Hives

Thank God

Whenever I start to make sugar cookies, I get all my cookie cutters out. Then after my first try peeling tree-shaped cookies from my counter, I get angry. So they all end up being ornaments. Round is way easier than tree or star shaped.

Anyways, I'm done cookie baking. Finally.

I went to to post office this afternoon to mail cookies off to people. Thankfully, I pulled out 70 and they were servicing 66, so I was in and out in ten minutes.

I realized when I got home that I had forgotten to put a note or anything inside the box, so if you receive a white box with cookies in it from St. Louis, it's probably from me.

Now I need to go get ready, we're shockingly going out tonight, on a work night and everything. My boyfriend is really starting to live it up.

Emancipate Yourselves From Mental Slavery

I don't want to give anything away about the plot, but I Am Legend is the story of the last living man left in Manhattan, with only his dog as company. The trailer doesn't really give anything about the plot away, so when my boyfriend and I went it was almost a total surprise.

First, I was surprised that it was more of a "horror" movie than the big budget action movie I was expecting. I was suitably tense throughout several parts, especially since I wasn't expecting it to be scary.

Overall, I thought it was pretty darn good. The effects through most of it were really awesome (There were a few things I would discuss if I could without giving away the plot. Let's just say somethings can still be done without CGI, and should be. Not everything needs to be computer animated). It was creepy to see New York City like that.

I thought it was well acted. People talk crap about Will Smith, but I thought he did a great job. He almost made me cry several times (for those of you that have seen it, I almost cried in the movie store, and then again in the lab with Sam.) He showed a lot of range. It can't be easy acting that much of a movie alone, and he pulled off both humor and drama exceptionally well.

My only beef, besides the CGI at the end, is that I was confused several times. Maybe if I would have read the book I would have understood things better, but there were several parts that inexplicably didn't make sense. It wasn't just me, everyone was asking the same questions as they left the theater. However, I went here after we saw it, and all my questions were answered.

So, if you like big budget action movies with a surprisingly scary twist, this is definitely a good choice. It has comedy, action, and drama. My favorite part is that it was not bloated and overdone, and it finished up at a timely 101 minutes.

I Honestly Love You

Oh, snickerdoodles. Why must you taste so good?

This is why I only make them once a year.

They are my favorite part of my Christmas baking. Today alone I finished making 5 kinds of cookies. I made the dough in advance and baked off 5 kinds. I have three more kinds to make on Wednesday, just in time for my company's Christmas party on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I will try to mail several tins of cookies off to some of you. I have several tins that are designated for bloggers. Who wants one? If I don't already have your address from the Holiday cards, email it to me at Amanda234 at gmail dot com, and maybe I'll send you some.

Tonight, I am having a dinner of snickerdoodles and wine. I am super classy. Then, I will go see I Am Legend. More on that tomorrow.

Under Wintry Skies of Gray

Ugh. Snow.

We're supposed to get upwards of 10". Thankfully, due to Al Gore, I'm pretty sure we won't be getting 10", but I'm pretty sure we have at least 4 and it's supposed to snow for another 6 hours or so.

My boyfriend just left to go home before the roads get even worse, so I'm home alone. On a Saturday night. We went to dinner but I thought we were going to die on the way home, the highways aren't usually that bad, but its pretty messy out there.


Kind and Generous

Thank You....

..... to my doctor for saying "that's how you stay so skinny, isn't it?" after he watched me make one piece of peanut brittle last for 15 minutes.

..... to our property manager for bringing us a huge tin of homemade peanut brittle. my radio station for playing "All Mixed Up" on my drive to work, then playing "Down" on my drive home. It was like 6th grade all over again. I had such a crush on Nick. (Seriously, what up with the 311 air time?)

..... to my boyfriend for sending me a text message telling me he was proud of me for hitting 100% of the notes in Mississippi Queen. I'm not a natural at Guitar Hero, so 100% is a big accomplishment for me.

..... to my favorite baseball players for not being on that list. Pujols is naturally awesome.

..... to my teacher for promptly posting our grades less than 24 hours after our final. I go crazy not knowing.

Have a great Friday, everyone.

Break Anotha

I have fallen way behind in talking about the movies I've seen recently.

August Rush:

The story of an orphan as he tries to find his parents through music, starring Freddy Highmore, Keri Russell, Robin Williams, Terrence Howard.
This was probably the cheesiest movie I've ever seen. I'm not saying it was bad... but damn. Some of those lines had to have been written by preteen girls, there's no other excuse for that kind of cheesiness. It did have a feel good ending to it, but overall, I'd pass. The soundtrack is pretty good, however.


Enchanted is about an animated fairy princess who is cast into the real world by her future mother in law.
It was absolutely adorable. It was funny, heartfelt, and romantic. I'm not generally a fan of romantic comedies, but this one was different. I highly recommend it.
Everytime I see both Amy Adams and James Marsden I love them more.

The Mist:

The Mist is about a mysterious fog that rolls into a small town. With it come creatures that want to destroy the town and it's inhabitants.
It was surprisingly character driven and dramatic. It didn't rely too heavily on the sci-fi nature to distract from the plot like some movies do, and it also didn't employ cheap scares to entertain.
Overall, I'd say it was one of the best "horror" movies I've seen in a long time. It wasn't really scary, but that's okay.
It has a surprise ending that didn't really surprise me. In my head I was thinking "Wouldn't it be funny if...?" and then it actually happened, however, I do like the ending. It was definitely one that had us discussing it long after the movie was over.
That Stephen King knows his stuff.

Tough Break For The Cheater

Do you remember the song The Cheater, by Bob Kuban? Yeah, me neither. However, I do feel bad for Bob Kuban. I guess he had mediocre one hit wonder success with that song in the 60s, but now he performs at Christmas parties all through St. Louis.

Last night was the 4th time I've seen Bob Kuban, which sadly ties for the most times I've seen any artist. It was the third holiday party in a row that he preformed at, and once he was at a wedding I went to.

This dude cracks me up. He has one of the worst toupees I've ever seen, and he always wears a velvet blue or purple jacket. He sings for maybe two hours of his four hour set. There's a blonde chick who does most of the work. He mumbles inaudibly between songs to introduce them, but we never have any idea what he's talking about.

Anyways.. I guess it's good that he still is preforming music and making a living doing so, but damn, that's a long way to fall.

I wish I had pictures to show you of my pretty green dress, but my boyfriend forgot to bring the camera... so I don't.

Have a great weekend!

I'm Finished


I am officially finished with my Christmas shopping. I'm proud of myself because when I was growing up, my mom would make me go to the mall with her on Christmas Eve where she would start her shopping. She'd make me walk to a different department or store while she purchased my presents. So I'm overcoming years of procrastination and irresponsibility when it comes to my Christmas shopping. Finishing three weeks early is a major achievement for me.

And I am finished with wrapping as well, with the exception of a few articles of clothing I ordered for my boyfriend online, but those will fit in boxes that will wrap very easily. Here's some logic for you. My boyfriend hates clothes shopping. He hates the act of it, and he hates spending his money on clothes. So instead of me buying him the video games I was going to, I'm buying him pants and shirts, and he's going to spend the money he had for clothes on video games. Smart thinking, tiger.

Now, I move on to the more daunting task. Every year I make an exceptional amount of cookies. I make them specifically for my work Christmas party, but I end up with so many, I have to start begging people to take them. I send them to to my boyfriend's family, to friends, to random people on the street.

Every year I tell myself to make less. I don't need to make ten different kinds. Five kinds will be plenty. But every time I try to take one off the list, I add a new one. So as of right now, I have the list narrowed down to eight different kinds.

Chocolate Espresso Cookies
Chocolate Chip
Wedding Cookies
Peppermint snowballs

Some of you may be receiving a very special package from me soon.

White As Snow

It's supposed to snow today... this makes me sad. Although now I'm looking at the forecast and it doesn't say anything about snow. That kind of makes this post irrelevant, huh?

Oh well. If you haven't sent me your address for a holiday card, please do so. I'll send them out in the next few days. Just e-mail me at Amanda234 at gmail dot com.

P.S.- Yay Dave and Jasmine.

Edit: It's flurrying. Damn Weather channel.

It's A Beginning of a Good Time

Today, for the first time, I will resort to bullet points. Sigh.

  • My boyfriend is in a lunch meeting right now which will 99% likely give him a job offer with a 30% raise. I'm just waiting for him to call me with the good news.
  • I was supposed to work today, but my hours got cut because we are doing crappy.
  • Even though I now have the day off, all I've done is catch up on Tivo, instead of working on my final Design project or the 4 book tests I'm behind on in my History of Cultural Environments class.
  • I hope I didn't oversell the Christmas card yesterday. Not everyone likes the subject of the card, but I love it (and so should you).
  • My boyfriend just called and spent as much time talking about the bacon on his sandwich as he did about his job offer (which he did receive).
  • Don't forget to root for my boys this weekend against Oklahoma. I did go there for a year before I dropped out. Heh.
  • Have a great weekend!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I just found the coolest Christmas cards ever. So if any of you want to be on my list, just send me an e-mail at Amanda234 [@] gmail dot com. If you keep your address on your sidebar, you're getting one either way.

Also, this is scary, but I'm getting to the point where I don't care about things that will give me cancer anymore. I'm not going to start smoking or anything, but Goddamn, what doesn't give you cancer? It's too hard to avoid it.

Don't You Call Me Pudgy, Portly or Stout

Today I taught my coworker's mother what a dominatrix is. Not a demonstration or anything, but I had to explain it to her.

Who is the guy who won Dancing With The Stars? I don't actually watch the show, but I heard about the results and I've never heard of that guy before.

Apparently I want to gain weight. We've been out to eat five days in a row now. We had steak Friday, both Taco Bell and IHOP on Saturday, The Original Pancake House on Sunday, McDonald's Monday, and The Old Spaghetti Factory tonight. Hello, fat ass, I've been waiting for you to join me.

We had to stop at my boyfriend's office after dinner to pick something up, and we took the stairs to his floor. That should balance out the lard fest I ate over the weekend, right?

It's A Mad Life That We Know

Well, crap.

Don't Ask Me

A Thanksgiving conversation:

My Mom: How long should I cook that ham?
Me: How long has it been in there?
My Mom: I don't know.
Me: What is the oven set on?
My Mom: I think 375
Me: How big was it?
My Mom: (Holds hands apart) This big.
Me: How many pounds is that?
My Mom: Like a football.
Me: Okay that doesn't answer my question. Did you keep the package?
My Mom: No, I threw it away. It cost $16.
Me: Okay, lets say it was $2/pound. It's 8 pounds.
My Mom: Okay... What does that have to do with anything?
Me: Then you can look online and see how long to cook it per pound.
My Mom: Where would I find that?
Me: Um... Google?
My Mom: Oh. Is that what that's for?
Me: Yes Mom. That is what Google is for.

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. We went to my boyfriend's grandparents house for dinner, then to his other grandparents afterwards to hang out (and drink wine). The food was delicious, my nephew wasn't a complete snot, and no one fought about anything. Overall, very successful. Ooooh also his Aunt told me my hair was pretty. So I consider it a win.

On Holiday

I am on fire today, people. That's right. I was hit on by not one, but two freaks today.

Freak number once was wearing skinny jeans and a t shirt with a big eye ball on it. I'm sorry dude, but skinny jeans are for ladies. In fact, I don't even like them on women.

Freak number two was the real prize. He had a black Quiet Riot t shirt tucked into gray jeans with a black belt. The real icing on this piece of man cake was that his pretty pale gray jeans were tucked into wellie- type boots. Ooh baby.

Why don't normal guys hit on me? I mean yes, I'm in a relationship, blah blah blah, but it's still nice to be hit on. By men not wearing skinny jeans.

In other news, there's a reason why we all act the way we do. It's not our fault. Blame Cookie Monster.

I'm super excited about tomorrow. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not so much because of the family time (hehe) but because of the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie. Oh my gosh. For the first year, I'm not doing anything with my family, I'm only seeing my boyfriend's family. Everyone have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

This Is Annoying

I don't know if you all saw, but Toys R Us has buy 2 Wii games get the 3rd free. It's an awesome deal, but I ordered a game that they're saying is delayed. Which is cool and all, but I ordered it as a Christmas present. I want to switch out for something else that I can receive before February, but it says it's too late to cancel. I placed the order about two hours ago. So tomorrow I get to call and try to argue. Good times.

Everybody Get Random

Today, bear with me. I'm feeling random. And I've been reading too many celebrity gossip blogs.

First of all, I'm watching Natalie Portman on Regis and Kelly, and man is she pretty. It's nice to see a "child star" not all fucked up.

Speaking of child stars, Dina Lohan is a moron. After all the crap your daughter has had to go through, why the hell are you putting your other daughter in the middle of it?

Britney ran over another paparazzi's foot. Of course she did! Have you ever seen a shot of her trying to drive? There's a hundred people surrounding her. I would go crazy and bowl them all over. If you didn't stand two inches from her car she wouldn't hit you.

Speaking of duh moments, why is everyone surprised that Pete Doherty is still on drugs? Of course he is. He probably will always be. This is not news.

Lily Allen needs to shut up. Who the hell is she to criticize Radiohead? Clearly, Radiohead is far superior and they can do whatever the fuck they want. You have no say here. And stop talking about eggs.

Are you still reading this? Awesome. So now for a birthday recap. The actual day of my birthday I played Guitar Hero for four hours with my brother. On the way to the restaurant my boyfriend and I got REALLY lost and I got REALLY mad. But its all good, we found it. And I drank wine.

Yesterday, we had a family birthday dinner with both of my parents. We haven't all been out to dinner together since they got divorced, so it was interesting. But not bad. I drank wine. We were also celebrating my brother graduating from college. He gets a month off then starts his masters program. Good times.

My favorite present has been I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert. Its really funny. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. I'm generally more of a Stewart girl, but I'm enjoying it.

Sip Bacardi

People who were born on my birthday:

Garry Marshall
Joe Mantegna
Frances Conroy
Chris Noth
Whoopi Goldberg
Neil Flynn
Jimmy Kimmel
Steve Zahn

People who died on my birthday:

Ol' Dirty Bastard
Eddie Guerrero

It's also International Phone Directory Day!

I'm Going Slightly Mad

My boyfriend made plans to work on a project for school on my birthday, then sounded annoyed when I asked him to switch days. It wasn't a hard thing to switch, it only involved coordinating schedules with one person.

Now, he didn't intentionally make plans on my birthday, he just forgot that Tuesday is my birthday. I don't know which scenario would be worse... I guess its better that he's a forgetful douche than intentionally an asshole, right?

Love Is Not A Competition

The weekend started off crappy. My boyfriend had a paper due at midnight on Friday, so he was working on that while I read a book and listened to my ipod (because heaven forbid anyone makes any noise while he is working)

Then on Saturday I made a grave error. At work, a coworker brought in a toy catalog, and I saw that they had released Guitar Hero III for Wii. Yes, I realize this was a little bit ago, but I don't really keep up on the gaming front. Excitedly, and naively, I called my boyfriend to tell him. Instantly after I got off work we went to Target and purchased it. We didn't have time to play on Saturday, because we had plans. I spent a lovely evening starting at the wall while my boyfriend talked to his coworkers. I got pretty drunk though, so that was sweet.

So Sunday, guess what I did all night? If you're thinking played Guitar Hero, you're wrong. I watched my boyfriend and his brother play Guitar Hero. Exciting, no? They let me play three songs total. I suck horribly. The other four hours the two of them played Co-op mode. Awesome. How long do you think before he gets tired of this?

Spinning Infinity

There hasn't been any new music that's really excited me over the past few months, but recently, there's all sorts of crap that I like, if not love.

1. Babyshambles- I love all the Pete Doherty gossip. Who else can be caught with drugs that many times, and still not go to jail for any length of time? How many times has this guy been to rehab? For Christ's sake... Anyway, his band Babyshambles just released their new album, Shotter's Nation, and I love it. It's not super original or anything, but its catchy and interesting.
Check out their new video here.

2.The Thrills- Sunny California pop from an Irish rock band. I love it. The new cd, Teenager, doesn't sound a lot different from their previous albums, but I still love it. It's just good chill out music.

3. She Wants Revenge- Their newest album, This Is Forever, shows the heavy influence of Depesche Mode, who they toured with. Personally, I hear some possible Arcade Fire influences in there too. Either way, I'm liking it a lot.

4. Foo Fighters- I love love love the Foo Fighters. Their latest album, Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, is back to their awesome rock roots. If you previously like the Foo back in the day, you'll probably enjoy this album.

5. Radiohead- With all the buzz over their inventive way of releasing their newest album, In Rainbows, I think the awesomeness of it got overlooked. Radiohead consistantly does not disappoint. They are soooo good.

Also with new albums are Jimmy Eat World, Athlete, and Iron and Wine... And coming very soon, The Killers and The Hives.

My friend Josh has a fairly new site where he discusses music, mostly album reviews but there is also concert reviews and music news. I also post things there from time to time. So please head over there and take a look. Because he is awesome. And there is a profile of me....

You'll Never Clean My Dirty Mind

I feel like I've seen this before....

Sick Lullabies

I feel dirty, I just watched Fall Out Boy cover the Killers. And I liked it.

Anyways, speaking of bands that annoys me....

Song lyrics that drive me crazy:

  • When the sun shines we'll shine together
  • You are so beautiful to me.
  • I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
  • These words are my own from my heart flow.
  • I'm hot because I'm fly. You ain't because you're not.
  • There must be an angel with a smile on her face, when she thought up that I should be with you.

Song lyrics I love:

  • For once I want to be the car crash, not always just the traffic jam.
  • It's hard to argue when you won't stop making sense.
  • You know the day destroys the night.
  • If you thought things had changed, friend you’d better think again.
    Bluntly put in the fewest of words, cunts are still running the world
  • Where the rivers unwind and the rust and the rain endure.
  • You're not free till you walk in fire

These Are Better Days, Baby

Today, I am feeling random:

Is it just me, or has Shia LeBeouf never looked hotter than he does in his mugshot?

I had a good day overall. Previously, my professor has told me I have horrible taste in colors and once just said "NO!" and pointed at my painting. So today, all he was "Okay" and "Let's finish it"... So I consider this a win, right?

I was looking up info on The Thrills latest release, Teenager, then I worried my choice of google keywords "Teenage Thrills" might get me arrested.

Outside of an office building by my house they have landscaping in yellow and red stripes, and it always reminds me of a Gryffindor scarf. Yes, I am a loser, thank you for asking.

The Same Old Situation

As usual I had a fairly uneventful weekend.

Friday we played Red Steel on the Wii and then watched Hannibal Rising. I know it sounds cheesy, yet another Hannibal movie, but it was honestly not bad. It was the story of what happened to make Hannibal the way that he is. It wasn’t spectacular, obviously not as good as Silence of the Lambs, but it was way better than Hannibal. It’s definitely worth a rental if you’re a fan of Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon.

Saturday I worked, and then we went and hung out with my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend. His brother, D, cooked pancakes and bacon for us. I love it when people cook for me when I don’t have to pay them. It doesn’t happen often, sadly. Then we watched The Wendell Baker Story, which was not very good. I feel bad, because I love the Wilson brothers, but this was no good. It was written by Luke Wilson, directed by Luke and Andrew Wilson (who is, by the way, the hottest out of all of them. Why does he not act more?), and starred Luke, Owen Wilson, and Eva Mendes. It just wasn’t very funny. It dragged in lots of parts, and some of the acting was pretty bad (sorry Eva… You’re pretty, but you can’t act worth crap).

Sunday we went to see Lars and The Real Girl. This movie is about an odd guy who finds "love" with a real doll. The first half of it was hilarious, and the second half was touching, poignant, and sweet. I love, love, love Ryan Gosling. I highly recommend it if you like quirky indie movies at all.

Hard To Be A Brother

The Darjeeling Limited is a difficult movie for me to review because I'm not totally sure whether or not I liked it. Let me preface by saying I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan. I even thought his Amex commercial was genius. I love his style of quirky, offbeat comedy.

This movie, however, was difficult for me. It's the story of three brothers on a trek through India to try to rediscover a relationship with each other. Along the way, of course, there are pitfalls.

I thought it was a good movie. It was cleverly written, and Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Adrien Brody all preformed well. It was a different kind of movie than I've seen in a long time, and I give it points for originality. The character development was great, as it is in all Wes Anderson movies.

It was also kind of slow and draggy at some points. It was also pretty pretentious. It was difficult to watch for me because it started off really strong, jumping right into the action and story, then slowed down just as quickly so the pace was off.

So, I think it was certainly passable, if not awesome. I'm just not sure if I liked it.

Halloween: Carry On; Bury All

Happy Halloween

When You Were Young and Wise

I'm going through a bunch of mixed CDs all titled with dates that were made around my freshman year of high school. I'm finding out I had truly appalling taste in music. Appalling and varied. One CD alone (07/15/2001) had Brandy, Neal Diamond, REO Speedwagon, BBMak, the Righteous Brothers (I went through a Top Gun phase, don't ask), Dashboard Confessional, and Alanis Morrissete. I find the occasional Jimmy Eat World, Greenwheel, or Incubus song that make me feel a little better about myself.

Thankfully my musical tastes have mostly improved. The internet has really helped me expand my musical horizons, so I never have to listen to the radio to discover new music. Thank God.

If I still liked the same music I liked in the 90s, today would be a sweet, sweet day. Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Tupac all have albums out today. Oh, the 90s.

Wasting My Time

I spent all afternoon making a birthday cake for my coworker. I received a call from my manager tonight saying my coworker had decided to take her birthday off, so not to worry about making the cake for tomorrow.

Um, thanks.

I guess they'll eat stale cake on Thursday, the next time my coworker works. I'm sure as hell not making another one, especially since I won't eat the first one to begin with. Bitches.

At Slow Speed We All Seem Focused

Sorry guys, this one is rambling. I may have had a wee bit of beer tonight.

Yesterday (after looking for cars) we did nothing but watch movies.

First up was Gone Baby Gone. It was really awesome, if you haven't seen it yet, go do so. It had drama and tension, twists and turns, and surprise ending. It was really well directed (see, Ben Affleck can do something well) and really well acted. If this doesn't do it for Casey Affleck, nothing will.

Then we watched several movies we had rented. First we watched Reign Over Me. I was surprised that I actually like it. As much as I love Adam Sandler's goofy roles, I tend not to like his serious roles as much (i.e. Punch Drunk Love). It was a little slow and meandering for me, but overall all it was good.

The second rental we watched was Evan Almighty. Yes, it was not as good as Bruce Almighty, but I didn't think it totally sucked. It was definitely more family/religious based, and I think religious themed movies are a hard sell. The special effects were pretty sweet, and I love Steve Carell and Lauren Graham. I might have just had super low expectations though, after all the horrible reviews I read.

Today (Sunday) I think I found the car I want. Its a Honda Civic. Realistically, all I care about is that the car gets good gas mileage and goes from A to B. I like smaller cars because I can't park worth crap. Its in good shape, has low mileage, and I can afford it.

Then we went to my nephew's fourth birthday party, which made me feel really fucking old. My boyfriend and I had literally just started dating when A1 found out she was pregnant. We got him a bucket of dinosaurs that came with volcanoes and rocks, and he was super excited about the rocks. If I would have known that, I would have rinsed a few off from the yard and saved my money. Oh well. My boyfriend and his brother promptly apprehended his transformers and played for the rest of the night. At least my boyfriend was Bumblebee. I was stuck talking to A2 (my boyfriends brother's girlfriend) all night.

My boyfriend got mad at me because I made a comment about how much weight she's gained. Not to her face, in the car afterwards. But for real, its like 30 pounds. She's still a teenager, she shouldn't be gaining weight this rapidly. At least I'm thinner...

That's Why We Make A Good You and Me

I just ate a pack of ramen noodles that expired a year ago. I didn't realize ramen noodles expire, and I didn't see the expiration date until after I ate them. I'm sure I'll be alright..... right?

So since I'm sure I'll be dead from ramen before morning, I'm being uncreative and posting a meme today instead of a real post. I need to save my last moments tonight for more important things. Like watching Pushing Daisies.

I saw this on several blogs recently...

1. Who is your partner? My boyfriend.

2. How long have you been together? 4 1/2 years

3. How long did you date? 4 1/2 years

4. How old is your partner? 24. He'll be 25 soon.

5. Who eats more? I eat more regurally, he eats larger quantities.

6. Who said "I love you" first? He did

7. Who is taller? He's about 6 inches taller

8. Who sings better? We're both pretty horrible

9. Who is smarter? I think I'm more book smart, but he has tons of creativity and such. He's about the ideas and I'm about the facts.

10. Whose temper is worse? Um, definitely me. He's been mad at me once. I've been made at him approximately 1,241 times.

11. Who does the laundry? Me. I'm not sure what our clothes would look like if he did it.

12. Who takes out the garbage? Him. I try not to go outside.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We don't live together, so it depends on the bed. I don't like being pushed up against a wall, so it depends on which side is more open.

14. Who pays the bills? Again, we're not married, but I'm sure it would be me. I'm waaaay more responsible.

15. Who is better with the computer? God he is. He works with computers for a living.

16. Who mows the lawn? We pay a neighbor kid to do it.

17. Who cooks dinner? He's made dinner for me twice, if that counts. I'm definitely the cook.

18. Who drives when you are together? Him, I dislike driving. I go to school and work within a ten mile radius of my house

19. Who pays when you go out? Him, he makes twice as much money as me, and he works full time and I don't.

20. Who is most stubborn? umm probably me. He's pretty bad too though.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Him, I'm never wrong, silly.

22. Whose parents do you see the most? My mother, then his parents, then my father.

23. Who kissed who first? He kissed me, but only because I made fun of him for not making a move.

24. Who asked who out? Technically he said "I'm not doing anything tomorrow if you want to go see the Matrix" He's very romantic like that.

25. Who proposed? Neither of us, thankfully.

26. Who is more sensitive? Me usually. I'm not that sensitive though.

27. Who has more friends? I do, he is not sociable.

28. Who has more siblings? We both have 1 brother

29. Who wears the pants in the family? Its pretty equal. I'm bossier, but he's more manipulative.

Ever The Same

Thirty Days Of Night is a movie about vampires invading the northernmost part of Alaska, where it is nighttime for a full month.

While I appreciate this movie's attempt at originality, mostly it was the same old horror movie. Same basic plot about being trapped/isolated, same basic characters that are all just slightly flawed, but not so much that you don't still like them, same stupid love story. Some of the gore was pretty cool, the action was intense, and there were a few tense moments. Mostly its just slightly boring and repetitive. It was shot and acted well. I love Ben Foster, he always plays the weirdest roles. So, if you like horror movies, its not a bad one, especially for a vampire movie. If you don't particularly like horror movies, its really not a good choice for you.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

My boyfriend is a geek. But at times, this is advantageous to me. He and his brother hooked up a projector to an extension cord and they projected movies onto a sheet that was pinned to the garage door. It was a chilly night but we were under blankets. We had popcorn and hot chocolate.

The movies we watched were two that I wanted to see, but that I was afraid would be bad. I was pleasantly surprised by both.

28 Weeks Later is the follow up to 28 Days Later. I'm not generally a huge horror movie fan, but both of these were well thought, well acted, and well written. This was probably the best sequel to a horror movie I've ever seen. Yes, to some extent it was formulamatic, but mostly it was really good. It was more of an action-drama than a horror movie. I think calling it a horror movie is limiting, because it was so much more than that.

The Invisible was promoted as a teenage mystery/horror movie, and it too was so much more. It was definitely more of a thriller drama. It was about a boy who was "killed" one night by a female thug and her friends, but his spirit was still wandering around, invisible to those around him. He has to lead others to his comatose body so they can revive him, so that he will be able to walk the earth again.

Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

It's my water pump that's broken, not my power steering. My car is a peice of crap, and not worth putting real money in, so I think I may cut my loses and get a new car. Well, not a new car. A different car.


I saw Across the Universe last weekend. It's the story of two lovers from different backgrounds trying to make it work in the turbulent Vietnam era 60s. It's set to the tunes of the Beatles, much of the movie is in song.

I thought it was brilliant. Well acted, well sung, well directed. It was visually beautiful and engaging. I don't have much else to say, except that you should go see it, so here are a few random thoughts:

Evan Rachel Wood was less annoying than usual.

Jim Sturgess, I am in love with you. Call me?

When Universal makes that movie about Kurt Cobain, they need to cast Joe Anderson as Kurt.

Dana Fuchs should be a big star. She had one of the most amazing voices I've heard in a really long time.

When It Rains It's Sure to Pour

So, on my way home from work to night, my car started making popping noises, but I was already halfway home so I continued on. Then about two minutes from my house, on a very main street, my check battery and check brake lights came on. The car soldiered on, but when I went to turn onto my street I could barely turn the wheel, and it got worse as my street went on. The check brakes light went off halfway down my street.

My mom and brother took a look and they think my power steering is shot, but that doesn't explain why the check battery light came on. So, good times. Its been an awesome couple of days.

I Turn My Camera On

We're home... We had to rent a car because the dealership doesn't know how long it will take. The car could possibly be totaled, the radiator is shot, the a/c something cracked and snapped off (I don't know the terms he used) and the fan is pushed into the engine. It's a 2003, so its probably not worth too much. We will see.

Our trip to Colorado was really fun, except for the car trouble at the end.

Day One (Wednesday) was a travel day. We made it from St. Louis to Colorado Springs in about 11 1/2 hours, which is really good time. The picture is of the first time we could see mountains. And of a construction barrel.

Day Two (Thursday) we went to Royal Gorge. Its basically a bridge that stretches over a gorge. There's an aerial tram that also runs across the gorge, and an incline railroad that takes you to the bottom.

Day Three (Friday) we went to Pike's Peak. We decided against taking the railroad to to the top, because I'm not a big fan of sharing small smelly places with a bunch of tourists, so we drove to the top. When I say we, I mean my boyfriend. If you looking closely you can see the shiny silver flats I chose to wear on a mountain. I plan well. It was absolutely beautiful, but on the way down we got stuck behind a Toyota that was riding its brakes the whole way. We both had to stop at a rest station halfway down because of "hot breaks." For dinner that night, we went to the kind of trendy downtown area and had dinner at Phantom Canyon Brewery.

Day Four (Saturday) we drove up to Denver. We went to the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the Denver Aquarium. I really liked the art museum. We had lunch at Casa Bonita, a la Eric Cartman. We had dinner at the Cherry Creek Grill, which was nice, then went to see Who's Line with Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie. It was absolutely hilarious. If you have a chance to check them out, I highly recommend it. There was tons of audience participation, and it was funny from beginning to end.

Day Five (Sunday) we went to Cave of the Winds and took a tour there. It was a bit overly commercialized, but not as bad as some caves. Then Sunday night we saw Across the Universe, which was really great. I may write more about this later, but I thought it was really good.

Day Six (Monday) we went horseback riding through the Garden of the Gods. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this as I was clinging to dear life to my saddle. I forgot how much horses terrify me. There's a reason I haven't been on one in ten years. My boyfriend, however, had a great time and made friends with our guide, a black, liberal, southern, poet cowboy. He was interesting. My ass is still crying. Then afterwards we went to the Air Force academy and looked around there.

Day Seven (Tuesday) I have no pictures of because there's nothing interesting in Kansas. I really started getting antsy when I saw a sign advertising Bob Dole and Arlen Specter's hometown.

Bonus: Day Eight (Wednesday) we spent the morning on the phone with the dealer, the car rental place, and the insurance company. We drove back home with the rental. They only had two cars available at Enterprise, and they were a Ford Focus or a Chevy Aveo. We got the Focus, which I believe to be the lesser of the two evils, but I could be wrong.

So all and all it was a great trip, I'm glad we chose Colorado. We didn't do any hiking like I thought we would, but that's probably okay.

Just Good Times

So, we had driven about nine hours already towards home. We had a nice dinner in Kansas City, we were making great time. Then my boyfriend ran into something (we think a coyote) going 80. The front grill of his car is smashed and its leaking fluid like a bitch. It wouldn't start, so we had to get it towed to the dealership in Blue Springs, Missouri.

We are now at a ghetto hotel close to the dealership. All the normal hotels were booked up. I didn't know there was such a run on hotels in Blue Springs, but apparently there is.

So for now, we are stuck. Tomorrow we'll either rent a car (which neither of us is technically old enough to do) or his dad will have to drive the five hours to come and get us. We don't know what's wrong with the car, how long it will take, etc. Good times.

Piece of My Heart

I tend to be very fickle in life, in school, movies, etc. I always want something different than what I have, and I skip aimlessly from one thing to another.

Music has been in some ways the aspect of my life that changes the most, and also my greatest constant. I listen to it when I'm happy, I listen to it when I'm sad, and everything in between. I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with my favorite songs, and I think I’ve actually done it. It won’t stop me from wanting to change it in a few minutes, but as of right now, these are my favorites.

The standard that I used was whether or not I’ve grown tired of it. Yes, I liked a certain boy band in the late 90s, but I was 13. They’re not something that’s stuck with me, and they’re not still relevant today. These are twenty songs that I’ve kept with me through the years. Some are older than others, but I love them all. They’re not in any order. Keep in mind I was born in the mid 80s, so there’s not really anything from the 80s on here. I like a lot of it now, but I didn’t necessarily at the time. And also, keep in mind, this means I was a child/teenager through the 90s and early 00s, so that’s certainly affected this list. I only used one song per artist, although some certainly could have been on here more than once.

  1. Don’t Look Back in Anger- Oasis
  2. Karma Police- Radiohead
  3. Silence is Easy- Starsailor
  4. She Says- Howie Day
  5. You and I Both- Jason Mraz
  6. Cannonball- Damien Rice
  7. Chocolate- Snow Patrol
  8. What’s the Frequency Kenneth- REM
  9. Glycerine- Bush
  10. Crush- Dave Matthews Band
  11. Jeremy- Pearl Jam
  12. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve
  13. Buddy Holly- Weezer
  14. Santeria- Sublime
  15. Breathing- Lifehouse
  16. Everlong- Foo Fighters
  17. Macy’s Day Parade- Greenday
  18. Coke- Flickerstick
  19. Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots
  20. Transatlantiscm- Death Cab for Cutie

Well? What are your favorites?

Wouldn't You Like to Know Me

The lovely Sarcastica tagged me …

The Rules of this tag:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List ten (10) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eleven people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. These eleven persons would have to tag 12 people.
5. You could also tag back, if desperate!
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

My Ten Random Facts:

1. I am a music freak. I’m both a snob and I like everything at the same time. As long as its middle of the road, not too hard or not too soft, I love it. I don’t want someone screaming at me, but I don’t want it to put me to sleep.

2. I am also a movie freak. Again, I like the middle of the road. I don’t want them to be too boring or drama-y., but I also don’t want them to be too goofy and stupid. As long as it’s mildly interesting, mildly funny, or mildly good, I’ll probably like it.

3. I am both anal-retentive organized and a complete slob. At work, I am an organizational machine. My DVD collection is alphabetized, my CDs are organized by artist (though not alphabetical), I know where everything is at all times. However, I hate to clean. There are clothes all over the ground in my bedroom, dirty dishes pile up, and I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed.

4. I’m fairly antisocial. Occasionally I like to go out and party, but most of the time I sit at home with my boyfriend and we watch movies or TV, or we go to the theater to see a movie. We rarely socialize with other people, except for when we hang out with my boyfriend’s brother and his fiancĂ©.

5. My boyfriend and I go out to eat a LOT. He doesn’t like to clean or cook and I get mad when I have to cook and clean all the time, so we go out.

6. I’m actually a fairly good cook, and a good baker. I make an apple pie that is insane, around Christmas I made TONS of cookies.

7. I try to eat moderately healthfully. I don’t eat red meat, except for the very occasional steak at Houston’s (because my boyfriend is obsessed), I try not to eat fried food or fast food, I check the labels on everything I eat because I have an irrational fear of trans fat and high fructose corn syrup. Now, notice I said try not to. I had a delicious turkey burger and fries at Fatburger for dinner. Oh Fatburger. It makes me feel good about myself to eat at a place called Fatburger.

8. I also have irrational fears of clowns. You just don’t know what’s going on in there. The makeup is unnatural; you can’t tell what they’re really feeling. You don’t know what they’re hiding in all those pockets. They are unnaturally happy, no one is that cheerful.

9. I am an art student, but I don’t think I’m particularly good at art. Before college, I hadn’t taken an art class since middle school. Thankfully for Interior Design, you don’t have to do a ton of “art,” just basic drawing and design classes. The interior design stuff I can handle, but give me charcoal and I suck. I mean you can tell what I’m trying to draw, but it’s not great.

10. When I watch live TV, which is rare, I still try to fast forward. Constantly. At every commercial break. I spent the first twenty years of my life without DVR, but these last two years have changed everything. I would be lost without my DVR. Yes, I realize what a loser I am.

So that's me... I'm not going to tag anyone, because most of you have been tagged already. If you want to do it, great. If not, that's cool too. Also, I don't think I know 11 people.

The Exodus Is Here

In a few short hours I will be on my way. A nice 13 hour drive. Good times. I have my Ipod ready, full of road trip playlists, I have a bag packed with licorice and Chex Mix (the bold party blend). So my blogging will be (even more) sporadic for the next week or so. Hopefully I am enjoying myself in the mountains and in the shopping centers of Denver (because this Macy's could have different shoes) but I am not much of a hiker in normal circumstances, so we'll see how the thin air treats me. I haven't been to Colorado since I was 12, when I was in shape.

Funny story, the trip ten years ago was with my church's youth group. I had my first "boyfriend" on this trip, and also my first kiss with tongue. I spent the eight hour drive through Kansas making out with Jeff on our tour bus with the youth minister two rows ahead. I broke up with him once we reached our hotel. What? Did you not have your first eight hour make out session while you were on a mission trip with your youth group?

Anyway, have a great week without me. I don't know how much time I'll have to blog, or even read and post comments, so we'll see. Now, I really need to get sleep.

I Can't Concentrate on Anything

So, I'm already running out of things to talk about. I think I'm not as interesting as I thought I was.

I've just been super busy with school and work recently, trying to get enough ahead that I won't fall totally behind when we go to Colorado on Wednesday. Oh well, either way I'm having a good time when we go, regardless of work and school. I finished packing earlier today, although I'm sure I'll go back through everything, and still forget half of what I need. I don't know that I've ever gone out of town prepared. I always forget silly things like my cell phone charger or clean underwear. Who needs panties, anyway?

In other news, I'm best enjoyed with Wild Meat.

You Are Chardonnay

Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.
You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.
You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.
Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).

Deep down you are: Dependable and modest

Your partying style: Understated and polite

Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

I'll Take You To The Candy Shop

My manager bought a huge bag of assorted chocolate halloween candy for the office. Knowing my hatred of chocolate, she bought me a bag of caramel apple candy corn (it tasted better than it sounds). I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had sworn off of candy corn, thanks to Lewis Black. So I was choking down recycled candy all day. I'm pretty hopped up right now.

***Sidenote: The first time I heard my nephew, T, swear (he was maybe three at the time) was because my genius boyfriend was talking about this skit, and said "Son of a bitch!" and T repeated it, inflection and all. It was the funniest goddamn thing I had ever heard. His father, however, did not think it was quite as funny.

What Goes Around Goes Around

Thank God...

Lauren Graham is in talks with NBC for a new show based around her

I'm a Weirdo

For you geeks out there (like me!)....

Did you see that Nintendo is giving out up to 4 free Wii Remote jackets? I guess now they're giving the jackets with the Wii when you purchase it. Or with the Wii remotes when you purchase them. Something like that. If you purchased it before the switchover, they're giving it away. You just have to type in the Serial Number from the back of your console and request up to 4. We have four Wii Remotes, so I'm going for it.

Now if I'm playing Tiger Woods I don't have to worry about throwing the Wii Remote while the strap simultaneously breaks, because now I will have a better grip.

Just go here to get it.

Dream Until Your Dream Comes True

Absinthe is now legal in the United States. Apparently it has been for awhile, but I'm slow, okay? It’s being bottled under the name Lucid I think states are regulating whether or not its legal, and right now I believe you can purchase it in New York and Illinois. That could be why I haven't heard about this.

I’ve always been curious, especially since Eurotrip, but I’ve never had the opportunity. From what I understand, it tastes like ass, but I think it’d be worth it. I’ve always shied away from things I need paraphernalia for. Vodka you can drink straight out of the bottle.

You can read more here

This One's Optimistic

In a weird, daring experiment Radiohead (one of my favorite bands EVER) is offering their eighth and newest CD, out Oct. 10th, digitally only. The odd part is, they're letting the consumer pick the price. You can pay anywhere from $1 on up for the CD. They're releasing it independently of a label, distributor, or wholesaler.

What do you think? Are they going to lose a ton of money from people paying only a dollar? Itunes normally sells albums for $10 and most stores for even more.

Or will they make more money, from cutting out the middleman. Will people who normally download pirated copies pay a discounted rate for this CD?

Either way, I'm psyched about the album.

I Think I'll Have Myself A Beer

A Short Pictorial Essay of My Evening, Entitled Oktoberfest


Who Did You Think I Was?

Find out what heroes character are you at!

Bound for Colorado

I am a loser. In two weeks my boyfriend and I are heading to Colorado as an early birthday present to me (my birthday is November 13th, get shopping). So I'm getting driving directions on Rand McNally to all possible points of interest from the hotel. And directions from Houston's in Kansas City to the hotel because heaven forbid we pass through a city with a Houston's without stopping for steak.

Once I have them all together, I will print them and then organize them into a binder. Granted, my boyfriend's mom got us this "travel folder" on the first big trip he and I took together, but I still use it. That's right. I have a travel folder. She's provided maps for most of the Midwest, along with pencils and paper. Honestly, I can hardly read a map, that's why I get printed directions.

Anyway, it should be a good trip. We have tickets to a Who's Line show in Denver featuring Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. The leaves should be beautiful and the weather fairly cold, like I like it. It's still 90 here, so actual fall weather might be nice. We're also planning on going to Pike's Peak, Royal Gorge, and several other places like that. Anywhere else we should go in the Denver/Colorado Springs area?

Give Up Your Life, Cause You Cannot Fight the Television

I don’t know how much I’ll be around this week. I have an onslaught of test and projects due. Then again, I’m typing instead of studying, so that shows how determined I am to cram. It’s hard for me to fit school work around my TV schedule, with almost all my shows starting up this week. Damn school.

First, a question:

What is the foam washer at the top of the CD spindle, and why do I take it off, grab a cd, and then put it back on?

Now, to my reviews:

Chuck: Chuck premiered tonight on NBC. It’s about a “Nerd Herd” employee who inadvertently downloads the government’s secrets into his head when his college roommate emails them to him. The show seems pretty promising. It has comedy and a geeky-yet-still-attractive guy for me, action, drama, and a hot girl for my boyfriend. It was shot really well, acted well, and has a ton of room for a good plot. I guess we’ll see, but I’m hopeful it will turn out well.

Heroes- I don’t want to give anything away, if you haven’t seen it yet, but its back and as good as ever. I spent the whole episode worried about my boyfriend, Peter. They introduced new heroes, including one with the King Midas touch. If you’re not already watching this show, you need to be.

How I Met Your Mother- Robin comes back from Argentina with a hot masseuse, and Ted is worried that she’s winning the breakup, so he goes to a bar and picks up a tattooed Mandy Moore. It’s as funny as ever, and Barney is in his prime as Ted’s wingman. Ted gets a sweet tramp stamp of a butterfly, and there’s a glimpse of Ted’s future lady with a yellow umbrella.

Everybody Get Together

Today I want to ask you all for a favor. The funniest blogger in the world is in a race for the best humor blog award through the Blogger's Choice Awards. So please go here to vote for him. Yes, you have to register and confirm your email, but it's so worth it. Mr. Fab deserves to win. He'd do it for you. And I'm pretty sure he'll give you sexual favors if you vote for him. Well, he might do that anyway. Go vote!

Short and Sweet to the Soul is All I Intend

So, I know I was interviewed last week by TV's Mr Fabulous, but when the opportunity to be interviewed by the infamous Avitable came around, I couldn't pass. Anyway, I know you all want to know more about me. I'm fascinating. If you want to be interviewed by me, let me know in the comments.

1. So, you live at home. Now does this make it difficult to have dirty monkey sex with your boyfriend, or do you just lock the basement door and ask your mom to stop trying to come down and do laundry?
It does make it challenging, but there's always ways around this. Nothing can stand in the way when I want to have sex

2. Which of these three television shows did you like the most, and who was your favorite character? Your choices are Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, or 30 Rock. If you don't watch any of these, please try to explain why I should like you anymore.
Absolutely Veronica Mars. I think Logan was my favorite character, his sarcasm astounded me. He was such a screw up and an ass, but it was hard not to love him. He really tried, you know? I was so angry that the dumbasses as the CW canceled it. At least Kristen Bell will be on Heroes. I'm still pretty angry, actually.

3. Which actor and actress would you like to sleep with, and do you think you could convince them to sleep with me, too?
If I could pick a TV couple, it would either be Logan and Veronica or Jess and Rory. Hm, or Logan and Rory. That's tough. If it were a real life couple, it would be Sascha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher (once she has the kid. I don't want to sleep with a pregnant lady) I will try my hardest to get them to sleep with you as well.

4. In your profile picture, you look gothy. Are you gothy? Emo? Straight edge? Punk?
Definitely not gothy. Or Emo. Or Punk. And I don't know what straight edge is, I'm not very hip (Do the kids still say hip?) I'm sadly pretty preppy. It comes from growing up where I grew up. Yes, I like the Gap and Banana Republic. The picture's just dark because I didn't have the flash on, my shirt is cranberry.

5. If we hung out, what would we talk about all night long? What would we drink? And what would I be wearing?
I think we could talk and cry about the dumbasses at the CW. Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. I'm a beer drinker, but I like vodka-sprites as well. I assume you would be wearing shorts with holes in them, right?

I Think the Finish Line's A Good Place We Could Start

Yay we don't suck so bad! I love dating a guy who works for a rich company. Tonight we had the firm's front row on the third baseline tickets to the Cards-Phillies game. We actually won! It's so much better when we win, we lost the last several games I've been to, I was beginning to think I was a jinx. Also, I'm a little buzzed right now. You have to drink at a ballgame, right? Anyway,I'm pretty sure the third base coach is grabbing Yadier Molina's ass here, but I would too if I were him because Yadie hit the walk off single in the 10th inning.

Dream a Scene to Brighten Face

Thanks to Avitable (*okay I can't get the links to work, so the address is and others, I’ve seen lots of bloggers list their top movies. I’ve been thinking and thinking about my favorites. I am a movie whore, and a former Blockbuster employee. While at Blockbuster, I would get five free rentals a week, and generally I would watch all of them (plus I was sleeping with my manager, who also got five free a week. Relax, it’s my boyfriend. I’m a movie whore, not a total whore). We go see at least one movie a week in the theater, often two or three. So for me to pick my favorite movies is a hard endeavor. But here goes….. These aren’t in order, because that’s subjective depending on my mood. I tried to do a top ten, but fifteen was as close as I could get. Don't make fun of my choices too much, I'm VERY SENSITIVE. Screw you. Anyway, what are your favorites?

The Big Lebowski (1998)- Come on… The Dude. What’s not to love?

Billy Madison (1995) - My brother and I drove my poor mother crazy quoting this movie growing up. What can I say? It’s still hilarious thirteen years later.

Dogma (1999)- Genius. I love all that Kevin Smith does (yes, I even like Jersey Girl) but this is the smartest, best directed one of all of them.

A Christmas Story (1983)- It’s a classic. It’s not Christmas Eve until I watch this on TNT (or is it TBS?) even though I have it on dvd.

The Harry Potter Series (2001-)- I can’t pick just one, because I love them all for different reasons.

The Girl Next Door (2004)- The best romantic comedy to come out in a long long time. It was greatly under appreciated.

Dirty Dancing (1987)- Yes, I know. But my mom and cousins made me watch it a million times as a kid (I was three when it came out) and it’s something I love. It reminds me of my childhood (Is that bad?)

The Princess Bride (1987)- It’s epic. Wesley and Buttercup are my favorite movie couple of all time. Also the book is fantastic.

The Notebook (2004)- I know its cheesy, but I love Noah. It’s a great movie and a great book.

Walk the Line (2005)- Probably the only biographical movie I’ve ever liked.

Monster’s Inc (2001)- My favorite animated movie of all time. Boo is the cutest thing ever drawn.

Sixteen Candles (1984)- Another childhood favorite. As early teens, we would watch this (and everything else John Hughes) every practically every weekend.

Saved! (2004)- Smart, smart movie. Another one that was greatly under appreciated.

Roman Holiday (1953)- It’s probably the only movie older than me that I really like, but I think it’s timeless.

Office Space (1999)- I don’t need to explain this one, you all know that it’s great.

***I've only had this posted for a minute and I'm already regretting not having Borat on there. I'm sure I'll think of more, I may have to do another post***

It Just Don't Feel Like Christmas

It's that time of year.

I was dragged to the evil Walmart with my mom this morning. Its not a place I generally care to shop, being as how Walmart is the devil and whatnot. But sometimes my mom's guilt trips are hard to ignore, especially when I've just woken up and I'm trying to eat my damn leftover pizza for breakfast in PEACE and I'll say anything to get this peace. What was I saying? Oh yeah, so I was at Walmart, and guess what I saw?

Christmas decorations. That's right. Christmas. Although its not for another 3 1/2 months, its already begun.

This is Halloween, Everyone Scream

Halloween: A brief review

I'm going to skip all the details, because hopefully you know the plot of Halloween. This version is directed by Rob Zombie.

I thought it was alright. I haven't seen the original since I was about ten, so I don't really remember it too well, so I can't really compare the two. It was shot really well, it was acted really well, it just wasn't particularly scary, which is alright. From what I understand, it's a lot like the first one. It probably wasn't necessary to remake it and not change much. Overall, I'd say it was good. Just not scary. Except for the kid who played young Mike Meyers. He creeped me the fuck out. Also, he wore a clown mask, and clowns are scary as hell.

Skydive Naked From An Aeroplane

Tonight I had the dubious honor of seeing Shoot 'Em Up. I do like action movies, as long as there's somewhat of an interesting story to go with it. I also like satires most of the time.

Shoot ‘Em Up is a about a man named Mr. Smith (Clive Own) who witnesses men with guns chasing after a very pregnant woman who’s giving birth. While trying to rescue her and simultaneously delivering the baby, he fails to protect the woman and she dies. He then tries to figure out who the men were and why they wanted the baby. He teams up with a prostitute to save the baby from Mr. Herz (Paul Giamatti) in an action-packed movie that puts bizarre to a new level.

Shoot ‘Em Up bills itself as an action movie, and that’s all it was. There was no great story, there wasn’t character development, or even a sub plot. If you view it solely as an action movie, and nothing else, then it’s probably pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn’t go in thinking just an action movie. I knew it was supposed to be farcical, but it wasn’t funny.

It went quickly from farce to redonkulous. It’s pretty bad when you get bored halfway though a 90 minute movie. It’s not that it was bad so much as it was repetitive. Clive Owen did a good job (or maybe he didn’t, who can tell? I just like to look at him) but there’s only so much you can do with a carrot eating vigilante who says things like “Eat your vegetables” after stabbing someone with a carrot. Paul Giamatti, who I normally like, was overacting and annoying. He had a weird accent that I couldn't place, I think it was just self important actor.

Bottom line, if you like strictly action, it’s probably a good movie for you. As long as unbelievable plots, bad acting, not funny comedy, and repetitive jokes about shooting your load don’t bother you.

My favorite part was the Motley Crue song they played at the end.

***Sidenote: Anyone else excited that Jon Stewart's hosting the Oscars? I love Ellen but I LOVE Jon Stewart.***

With the Great, Great Monkey Plan

*taken through my piece of shit camera phone

My boyfriend and I went to a winery for lunch on Sunday, because I like places where not only is it okay to drink at lunch, but I'm pretty sure it's expected. This green plastic monkey came hooked on my wine. I looked at the other patrons and no one else had monkeys on their cocktails. Is it me? I know I look young, but they didn't ID me, so clearly they thought I was old enough to drink. Maybe the bartender thought I was cute. She wasn't really my type, but I always appreciate the attention. And plastic monkeys.

Also, seeing as how it's still September 11th for another few hours, Miss Britt has a great post on the subject that I agree with wholeheartedly, so go read her post .

Everytime They Turn the Lights Down

Did you all catch the VMAs? No? Well, you lucked out. I tuned in initially to see Britney's performance. I'm not a big Britney fan, but recently, she cracks me up. Her performance was hilarious. I want to know what kind of drugs she's on, because I would like to try them. She seemingly sleepwalked through the whole performance, missing words while she lip-synced, and barely danced. Also, she was by no means fat, but if I were her I wouldn't have been wearing no top on national television.

The rest of the show made me sad. I know I'm not old, but I only knew who half of the artists were. Maybe I'm just too cool for the MTV crowd. Yeah, I bet that's it. Also, I think Sarah Silverman's funny, but she's always so mean when she hosts award shows. She's actually made me feel bad for Britney and Paris. And that's a great feat.

I Thought I Knew You, What Did I Know?

One of the coolest, most bad-ass bloggers bestowed an interview on me. That's right, kiddies, Mr. Fabulous of Pointless Drivel fame (infamy?) provided me with these in depth questions, so you can see the real me. Not all of me, of course, because then I would be naked. Thanks Mr. Fab!

1. You started your blog very recently. Obviously it is the first step of your fourteen point plan to get me to notice you, woo you, and marry you. Do think that's a wise move given the vast difference in our ages?

How did you know? Am I that transparent? I thought I was hiding my feelings much better than that. Love can overcome age. One day, we will be together. Well, what am I supposed to do? You won't answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan. I mean, Fab.

2. You are an art student. Is that the career with the lowest salary structure you could think of? Were the classes on migrant farm working all full up?

I considered migrant farm working, but I don't like dirt. And I don't speak Spanish. And I could break a nail.

3. Those bands you list in your profile as your favorites, are they even really bands? I never heard of them. What is wrong with you damn kids today? You should be listening to The Clash or Bruce Springsteen.

I don't think either has been popular since I've been alive. Well, maybe Springsteen. But only when I was a small child.

4. As a young person, just how much crack DO you smoke in a given week, and where do you get the money for it?

I work the streets. A girl has to have her crack, and selling myself is the easiest, most effective way. I don't take cash as a payment, just crack. And paraphernalia.

5. How much would you charge to paint a nude portrait of me, and would it cost extra to have a few inches tacked on to my johnson?

I would paint a nude portrait of you for absolutely free. And as the artist, I can use creative licensing, so adding a few inches shouldn't be a problem. How many do you need? 2? 6?

Soy un perdedor

My worst nightmare came true today.

Yes, I am an art student. But more specifically, I am an interior design major. I'm not getting my degree in ceramics or anything like that. I don't think my artwork is ironic, I don't wear black all the time, I don't walk around with a ponytail, glasses, and paint stained overalls like the chick in Not Another Teen Movie. I don't talk much about my art, because I work in a medical field, and people are always asking me if I'm in school for it, then I have to explain that no, I'm an art student, this is just a job. (And by the way, why does every freaking patient that walks through the door feel the need to grill me over my personal life? I have a mother for that.)

Anyway, I'm taking a History of Cultural Environments class. It sounds stupid, but its actually pretty interesting. To me. I wouldn't expect it to be interesting to anyone else, don't worry. But one of the first assignments of this semester was to go to the art museum and see the special Napoleon exhibit.

Okay, whatever. I like the Art Museum. Its nice, its free, and for such a white-trash loving town, its actually fairly decent. Van Gogh and Monet and whatnot.

The bitch of it was, I had to draw a piece of furniture and a textile. Yes, I was at the Art Musuem, with my sketch book and my pencils. People kept staring at me, because I am a freak. I drew very quickly and then re-drew it at home later, but God. I am officially one of those people.

Life These Days is Getting Rough

I can admit (although I rarely do) that I am a pop culture junkie. I subscribe to People, I see at least one movie a week in the theater and rent 3 movies, I watch t.v. pretty much constantly, I even own multiple pop culture themed board games. When online, I always check TMZ, I Don’t like You In That Way, and several others.

So why, why, am I always so surprised by celebrity antics? What? Lindsay Lohan is a coke whore? Okay, so that one surprised no one. But I am always surprised and a little saddened when certain celebrity couples split. Brad and Jen, Hilary and Chad, Ryan and Reece.

But most surprising to me was Jenna Fischer and James Gunn. Pam Beesly just can’t catch a break. Jim totally still loves her, way more than he ever like Karen. I bet you a 100 Schrute bucks they finally will put them together. They do, after all, have a “date.”

All in All Its Just Another Day Now

So, I thought tonight I would talk about what I want with this blog. Mostly it will be general ramblings, but it will also contain reviews of movies and cds, as that is all I do. Watch movies and listen to music. It may from time to time contain things from my portfolio; sketches, paintings, etc, but mostly I don’t want to bore you with that.

Then I realized how boring that would be if I all I did was talk about what I want to do, instead of doing something. So tonight I bring you my review of The Ten. The Ten is a movie consisting of ten vignettes, each about one of the Ten Commandments. It is narrated by Jeff Reigert (played by the always wonderful Paul Rudd) who is also involved in his own broken commandment, adultery. His wife is played by Famke Janssen and his girlfriend by Jessica Alba. Also starring are Adam Brody, Liev Schreiber, Ken Marino (who also co-wrote), Oliver Platt, and many more. It was co-written and directed by David Wain (Stella, Wet Hot American Summer).

I thought it was freaking hilarious. The cast alone was enough reason to love it (although Alba still hasn’t impressed me with anything she’s done, but at least she played the immature spoiled girlfriend better than Sue Storm), but it was also well written and smart. Who doesn’t love a good dark biblical comedy? There was no religious content aside from the commandments, but there was prison rape, sex with a ventriloquist dummy, and leaving a surgical instrument in a patient, just for a goof. Overall, I’d recommend it to anyone who likes comedies and are ready to see something without all the same fart/penis/sex/drinking jokes. Not that I don’t love those.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay

This is the first post of my new blog, Amanda In Real Life. I have never had a blog before, so this is a learning process for me. Pointers, anyone? Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I'm a 22 year old art student, still living at home with my mom. I have a boyfriend of more than four years. No, we're not getting married anytime soon. Stop asking. Nor are we in any hurry to move in with each other. I like seeing movies with The Boyfriend, listening to music, and watching t.v. Oh, and drinking. I love to drink.