It's A Beginning of a Good Time

Today, for the first time, I will resort to bullet points. Sigh.

  • My boyfriend is in a lunch meeting right now which will 99% likely give him a job offer with a 30% raise. I'm just waiting for him to call me with the good news.
  • I was supposed to work today, but my hours got cut because we are doing crappy.
  • Even though I now have the day off, all I've done is catch up on Tivo, instead of working on my final Design project or the 4 book tests I'm behind on in my History of Cultural Environments class.
  • I hope I didn't oversell the Christmas card yesterday. Not everyone likes the subject of the card, but I love it (and so should you).
  • My boyfriend just called and spent as much time talking about the bacon on his sandwich as he did about his job offer (which he did receive).
  • Don't forget to root for my boys this weekend against Oklahoma. I did go there for a year before I dropped out. Heh.
  • Have a great weekend!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I just found the coolest Christmas cards ever. So if any of you want to be on my list, just send me an e-mail at Amanda234 [@] gmail dot com. If you keep your address on your sidebar, you're getting one either way.

Also, this is scary, but I'm getting to the point where I don't care about things that will give me cancer anymore. I'm not going to start smoking or anything, but Goddamn, what doesn't give you cancer? It's too hard to avoid it.

Don't You Call Me Pudgy, Portly or Stout

Today I taught my coworker's mother what a dominatrix is. Not a demonstration or anything, but I had to explain it to her.

Who is the guy who won Dancing With The Stars? I don't actually watch the show, but I heard about the results and I've never heard of that guy before.

Apparently I want to gain weight. We've been out to eat five days in a row now. We had steak Friday, both Taco Bell and IHOP on Saturday, The Original Pancake House on Sunday, McDonald's Monday, and The Old Spaghetti Factory tonight. Hello, fat ass, I've been waiting for you to join me.

We had to stop at my boyfriend's office after dinner to pick something up, and we took the stairs to his floor. That should balance out the lard fest I ate over the weekend, right?

It's A Mad Life That We Know

Well, crap.

Don't Ask Me

A Thanksgiving conversation:

My Mom: How long should I cook that ham?
Me: How long has it been in there?
My Mom: I don't know.
Me: What is the oven set on?
My Mom: I think 375
Me: How big was it?
My Mom: (Holds hands apart) This big.
Me: How many pounds is that?
My Mom: Like a football.
Me: Okay that doesn't answer my question. Did you keep the package?
My Mom: No, I threw it away. It cost $16.
Me: Okay, lets say it was $2/pound. It's 8 pounds.
My Mom: Okay... What does that have to do with anything?
Me: Then you can look online and see how long to cook it per pound.
My Mom: Where would I find that?
Me: Um... Google?
My Mom: Oh. Is that what that's for?
Me: Yes Mom. That is what Google is for.

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. We went to my boyfriend's grandparents house for dinner, then to his other grandparents afterwards to hang out (and drink wine). The food was delicious, my nephew wasn't a complete snot, and no one fought about anything. Overall, very successful. Ooooh also his Aunt told me my hair was pretty. So I consider it a win.

On Holiday

I am on fire today, people. That's right. I was hit on by not one, but two freaks today.

Freak number once was wearing skinny jeans and a t shirt with a big eye ball on it. I'm sorry dude, but skinny jeans are for ladies. In fact, I don't even like them on women.

Freak number two was the real prize. He had a black Quiet Riot t shirt tucked into gray jeans with a black belt. The real icing on this piece of man cake was that his pretty pale gray jeans were tucked into wellie- type boots. Ooh baby.

Why don't normal guys hit on me? I mean yes, I'm in a relationship, blah blah blah, but it's still nice to be hit on. By men not wearing skinny jeans.

In other news, there's a reason why we all act the way we do. It's not our fault. Blame Cookie Monster.

I'm super excited about tomorrow. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not so much because of the family time (hehe) but because of the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie. Oh my gosh. For the first year, I'm not doing anything with my family, I'm only seeing my boyfriend's family. Everyone have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

This Is Annoying

I don't know if you all saw, but Toys R Us has buy 2 Wii games get the 3rd free. It's an awesome deal, but I ordered a game that they're saying is delayed. Which is cool and all, but I ordered it as a Christmas present. I want to switch out for something else that I can receive before February, but it says it's too late to cancel. I placed the order about two hours ago. So tomorrow I get to call and try to argue. Good times.

Everybody Get Random

Today, bear with me. I'm feeling random. And I've been reading too many celebrity gossip blogs.

First of all, I'm watching Natalie Portman on Regis and Kelly, and man is she pretty. It's nice to see a "child star" not all fucked up.

Speaking of child stars, Dina Lohan is a moron. After all the crap your daughter has had to go through, why the hell are you putting your other daughter in the middle of it?

Britney ran over another paparazzi's foot. Of course she did! Have you ever seen a shot of her trying to drive? There's a hundred people surrounding her. I would go crazy and bowl them all over. If you didn't stand two inches from her car she wouldn't hit you.

Speaking of duh moments, why is everyone surprised that Pete Doherty is still on drugs? Of course he is. He probably will always be. This is not news.

Lily Allen needs to shut up. Who the hell is she to criticize Radiohead? Clearly, Radiohead is far superior and they can do whatever the fuck they want. You have no say here. And stop talking about eggs.

Are you still reading this? Awesome. So now for a birthday recap. The actual day of my birthday I played Guitar Hero for four hours with my brother. On the way to the restaurant my boyfriend and I got REALLY lost and I got REALLY mad. But its all good, we found it. And I drank wine.

Yesterday, we had a family birthday dinner with both of my parents. We haven't all been out to dinner together since they got divorced, so it was interesting. But not bad. I drank wine. We were also celebrating my brother graduating from college. He gets a month off then starts his masters program. Good times.

My favorite present has been I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert. Its really funny. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. I'm generally more of a Stewart girl, but I'm enjoying it.

Sip Bacardi

People who were born on my birthday:

Garry Marshall
Joe Mantegna
Frances Conroy
Chris Noth
Whoopi Goldberg
Neil Flynn
Jimmy Kimmel
Steve Zahn

People who died on my birthday:

Ol' Dirty Bastard
Eddie Guerrero

It's also International Phone Directory Day!

I'm Going Slightly Mad

My boyfriend made plans to work on a project for school on my birthday, then sounded annoyed when I asked him to switch days. It wasn't a hard thing to switch, it only involved coordinating schedules with one person.

Now, he didn't intentionally make plans on my birthday, he just forgot that Tuesday is my birthday. I don't know which scenario would be worse... I guess its better that he's a forgetful douche than intentionally an asshole, right?

Love Is Not A Competition

The weekend started off crappy. My boyfriend had a paper due at midnight on Friday, so he was working on that while I read a book and listened to my ipod (because heaven forbid anyone makes any noise while he is working)

Then on Saturday I made a grave error. At work, a coworker brought in a toy catalog, and I saw that they had released Guitar Hero III for Wii. Yes, I realize this was a little bit ago, but I don't really keep up on the gaming front. Excitedly, and naively, I called my boyfriend to tell him. Instantly after I got off work we went to Target and purchased it. We didn't have time to play on Saturday, because we had plans. I spent a lovely evening starting at the wall while my boyfriend talked to his coworkers. I got pretty drunk though, so that was sweet.

So Sunday, guess what I did all night? If you're thinking played Guitar Hero, you're wrong. I watched my boyfriend and his brother play Guitar Hero. Exciting, no? They let me play three songs total. I suck horribly. The other four hours the two of them played Co-op mode. Awesome. How long do you think before he gets tired of this?

Spinning Infinity

There hasn't been any new music that's really excited me over the past few months, but recently, there's all sorts of crap that I like, if not love.

1. Babyshambles- I love all the Pete Doherty gossip. Who else can be caught with drugs that many times, and still not go to jail for any length of time? How many times has this guy been to rehab? For Christ's sake... Anyway, his band Babyshambles just released their new album, Shotter's Nation, and I love it. It's not super original or anything, but its catchy and interesting.
Check out their new video here.

2.The Thrills- Sunny California pop from an Irish rock band. I love it. The new cd, Teenager, doesn't sound a lot different from their previous albums, but I still love it. It's just good chill out music.

3. She Wants Revenge- Their newest album, This Is Forever, shows the heavy influence of Depesche Mode, who they toured with. Personally, I hear some possible Arcade Fire influences in there too. Either way, I'm liking it a lot.

4. Foo Fighters- I love love love the Foo Fighters. Their latest album, Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, is back to their awesome rock roots. If you previously like the Foo back in the day, you'll probably enjoy this album.

5. Radiohead- With all the buzz over their inventive way of releasing their newest album, In Rainbows, I think the awesomeness of it got overlooked. Radiohead consistantly does not disappoint. They are soooo good.

Also with new albums are Jimmy Eat World, Athlete, and Iron and Wine... And coming very soon, The Killers and The Hives.

My friend Josh has a fairly new site where he discusses music, mostly album reviews but there is also concert reviews and music news. I also post things there from time to time. So please head over there and take a look. Because he is awesome. And there is a profile of me....

You'll Never Clean My Dirty Mind

I feel like I've seen this before....

Sick Lullabies

I feel dirty, I just watched Fall Out Boy cover the Killers. And I liked it.

Anyways, speaking of bands that annoys me....

Song lyrics that drive me crazy:

  • When the sun shines we'll shine together
  • You are so beautiful to me.
  • I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
  • These words are my own from my heart flow.
  • I'm hot because I'm fly. You ain't because you're not.
  • There must be an angel with a smile on her face, when she thought up that I should be with you.

Song lyrics I love:

  • For once I want to be the car crash, not always just the traffic jam.
  • It's hard to argue when you won't stop making sense.
  • You know the day destroys the night.
  • If you thought things had changed, friend you’d better think again.
    Bluntly put in the fewest of words, cunts are still running the world
  • Where the rivers unwind and the rust and the rain endure.
  • You're not free till you walk in fire

These Are Better Days, Baby

Today, I am feeling random:

Is it just me, or has Shia LeBeouf never looked hotter than he does in his mugshot?

I had a good day overall. Previously, my professor has told me I have horrible taste in colors and once just said "NO!" and pointed at my painting. So today, all he was "Okay" and "Let's finish it"... So I consider this a win, right?

I was looking up info on The Thrills latest release, Teenager, then I worried my choice of google keywords "Teenage Thrills" might get me arrested.

Outside of an office building by my house they have landscaping in yellow and red stripes, and it always reminds me of a Gryffindor scarf. Yes, I am a loser, thank you for asking.

The Same Old Situation

As usual I had a fairly uneventful weekend.

Friday we played Red Steel on the Wii and then watched Hannibal Rising. I know it sounds cheesy, yet another Hannibal movie, but it was honestly not bad. It was the story of what happened to make Hannibal the way that he is. It wasn’t spectacular, obviously not as good as Silence of the Lambs, but it was way better than Hannibal. It’s definitely worth a rental if you’re a fan of Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon.

Saturday I worked, and then we went and hung out with my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend. His brother, D, cooked pancakes and bacon for us. I love it when people cook for me when I don’t have to pay them. It doesn’t happen often, sadly. Then we watched The Wendell Baker Story, which was not very good. I feel bad, because I love the Wilson brothers, but this was no good. It was written by Luke Wilson, directed by Luke and Andrew Wilson (who is, by the way, the hottest out of all of them. Why does he not act more?), and starred Luke, Owen Wilson, and Eva Mendes. It just wasn’t very funny. It dragged in lots of parts, and some of the acting was pretty bad (sorry Eva… You’re pretty, but you can’t act worth crap).

Sunday we went to see Lars and The Real Girl. This movie is about an odd guy who finds "love" with a real doll. The first half of it was hilarious, and the second half was touching, poignant, and sweet. I love, love, love Ryan Gosling. I highly recommend it if you like quirky indie movies at all.