These Are Better Days, Baby

Today, I am feeling random:

Is it just me, or has Shia LeBeouf never looked hotter than he does in his mugshot?

I had a good day overall. Previously, my professor has told me I have horrible taste in colors and once just said "NO!" and pointed at my painting. So today, all he was "Okay" and "Let's finish it"... So I consider this a win, right?

I was looking up info on The Thrills latest release, Teenager, then I worried my choice of google keywords "Teenage Thrills" might get me arrested.

Outside of an office building by my house they have landscaping in yellow and red stripes, and it always reminds me of a Gryffindor scarf. Yes, I am a loser, thank you for asking.


Avitable said...

If I haven't yet been arrested for searching for "16-year old boobs", you won't be.

Umm, forget what I just said.

Sarcastica said...

You are no more of a loser then I am, everything reminds me of Harry Potter.

Robin said...

I didn't even really find him cute until that picture.

Amanda said...

Avitable: Good, I'm glad I'm safe

Sarcastica: It could be worse I guess

Robin: I know, right? Something about him being a drunk criminal makes him way hotter