Being Here

This is going to be a two parter.

First up, updating you on my brother. Thanks for all your comments and tweets previously.

He had a second surgery last Wednesday. They cut him open from the top of his rib cage to eight inches below that. He's a lot taller than me, I think my whole torso is eight inches. He's been in a lot of pain, but they released him yesterday and he seems to be doing okay. He's able to walk up and down stairs, he hasn't taken any pain pills since he got home, and he can eat whatever he wants.

It was so bizarre seeing him in the hospital. He was just so out of it. I've never even seen my parents in the hospital, so my brother was especially weird to see.

The surgeon thinks they got the whole tumor this time, so no chemo is necessary. But that could change, God knows.


Round Two: Avitable's Meme

My favorite age: 23... ha. I don't know, anytime between 21 and now

My best friend: Cheesy, but my boyfriend. Beyond that, Josh, and my boyfriend's brother and his fiance

My celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds, Anderson Cooper, Gavin Rossdale, Kristen Bell, Isla Fisher, Megan Fox

My defining characteristic: Physically? My eyes. Or my boobs. Emotionally? Lordy. I think my sense of acceptingness. That isn't a word, but you get the drift. If we're friends, I don't care what you do, I'll still love you.

My most evil moment: Hmm I don't know. I honestly can't think of anything. I try to live peacefully

My favorite food: Fries, pie (apple, pecan, pumpkin), a really good filet, crab, lobster, asparagus

My grossest injury: My tooth went through my lip during a figure skating accident. It was the one and only time I needed stitches

My biggest hatred: hypocritical people (i.e. My family is off limits unless I'm parading them across the stage for my benefit)

My most illegal activity: speeding and giving alcohol to a minor. I don't commit a lot of crimes. Oh I sold cigarettes to freshman my senior year at a marked up rate.

My need for justice: Is fairly non existent. Pedophiles, rapists, etc obviously.

My most knowledgeable field: Art and design. I know a lot about color palettes and furniture and whatnot. I also know a lot about American History, for whatever reason.

My life's goal: Love and travel as much as possible

My mother's influence: unconditional love, willingness to lend a hand (although these also describe my grandma), concern and compassion for all

My nerdiest point: Huh. I don't know, I'm really cool. We tried to go to a midnight release party for one of the Harry Potters but there were too many people so we didn't stay

My oldest memory: Falling in the gym at my preschool and hitting my head. Also hiding under the table in the hallway at my preschool so I didn't have to go to school (clearly, my habits haven't changed all that much)

My perfect date: exploring something new. seeing a movie. good food and good conversation.

My unanswered question: There's many God related unanswered questions

My random fact: I'm really double jointed

My stupidest decision: Many. I suppose taking time off between colleges.

My favorite television show: Currently on air? Gossip Girl, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock. Of all time? Gilmore Girls and Friends.

My style of underwear: Depends on what I'm wearing. Usually Victoria's secret v-string bikini (for example: and yes, I look just like that when I wear it), but I do wear thongs if necessary (this is a lie, if a thong is needed, I just don't wear underwear. I do own thongs though.)

My favorite vegetable: Asparagus, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower

My weakest trait: I'm impatient and easily irritated

My X-men power: I'd like to be able to heal myself like Wolverine

My strongest yearning: To love and be loved

My moment of Zen: Mine's almost the same as Avitable's: Driving fast at night with the windows down and music blasting. For me, my boyfriend is the one driving, but I'm sitting in the passenger seat. Picture that Volkswagen commercial with Pink Moon.


Avitable said...

I didn't know that anything was going on with your brother - was this something that you only talked about on Twitter? I can't keep up with people's Twitters most days, so I miss that type of stuff. I'm glad he's out of the hospital!

Robin said...

Glad to know your brother is doing ok.

Don't get impatient with me or I'll get impatient with you!

Anonymous said...

1. So happy to hear that your brother is okay. :)

2. Gilmore Girls is a show I need to finish. I only watched half of it back in the day!

Sarah said...

glad to hear your brother is doing okay! I remember reading something about it on twitter but then I got sucked into school work and didn't have time to check back here to see what was up. But I'm glad to hear he is doing better.