I Hurt Myself Today

I've had a rough week. As it turns out, I'm not cut out for physical labor.

We're pulling up the carpet in the living room/hallway. The hardwood floors underneath are actually in great shape, so minimal refinishing is needed. In the last week, however, I've managed to:

-Smash my hand between a crow bar and the floor

-Get blisters on three of my fingers and the area between my thumb and forefinger from the pliers I used to pull up staples.

-Smash my pinkie at work when a shelf fell from a side table while I was carrying it.

- Get a chemical burn on my hand and arm from the adhesive remover

All of these on my right hand. I can't even hold a pen right now, so work's fun. And sadly, I'm only about halfway done. I've done all I can on my own, but now I need someone to help me move the heavy furniture.

Any takers?


Avitable said...

Get those furniture sliders - those make it so two people can easily move stuff that's really heavy.

Christie said...


and I agree with Avi, furniture sliders help tremendously. :)

Poppy said...

Adam is so smart.

Robin said...

Adam always knows the easier way to do things.

Hannah said...

Ow! Damn that sucks! Good luck finding some strong hands to help you!:)

Amanda said...

Avitable- Yeah we use those at work, they're nice

Christie- The problem is getting the entertainment center off the ground to slide them underneath

Poppy- Don't feed his ego! ;)

Robin- Well, my guess is that he'd be paying someone to do this for him, he wouldn't be the one on his hands and knees.

Hannah- I'm hoping to recruit my brother