Stay Inside Our Rosy Minded Fuzz

So, I'm finally on winter break. This particular semester was a hard one for me, but I think that had more to do with lack of motivation than actual challenge from the work. We had a semester long project that I did the majority of in the week before it was due. This proved to be a very, very dumb thing to do. (I know, who would have thought?) I was so rushed towards the end that I made stupid mistakes, like forgetting to put my lighting fixtures on the board, and spelling the word porcelain wrong (Hint: there's no "e" at the end). But in the end, I recieved a solid B, so I'm more than comfortable with that. I think it also helped that I was the only one who did my boards on InDesign, so they looked a million times more professional than anyone else's.

I always have a sense of uneasiness when the semester ends. For so long (and especially at finals) I've poured all my extra time, effort, and energy into projects and homework, then suddenly I have nothing but free time.

That, and all my tv shows are on hiatus. That also frees up a lot of time.

I wasn't going to make cookies this year, but I've been awake for about two hours and I'm already bored. It's only the first day of break. So I guess it's cookie time!

Here's a few of my projects from this semester:

My semester long project (the floorplans anyway):

Computer Art Studio:

My first project in Illustrator: (to create a mechanical device)

My second project in Illustrator (Architectural Piece)


Avitable said...

I love the robot and that last piece!

Are you sending me cookies again this year?

Robin said...

You are way too busy, come stay with me and be lazy.

Amanda said...

Avitable- You don't want the cookies I made, they're yucky. Maybe you'll get Birthday cookies

Robin- I've been lazy for the last week