Break Anotha

I have fallen way behind in talking about the movies I've seen recently.

August Rush:

The story of an orphan as he tries to find his parents through music, starring Freddy Highmore, Keri Russell, Robin Williams, Terrence Howard.
This was probably the cheesiest movie I've ever seen. I'm not saying it was bad... but damn. Some of those lines had to have been written by preteen girls, there's no other excuse for that kind of cheesiness. It did have a feel good ending to it, but overall, I'd pass. The soundtrack is pretty good, however.


Enchanted is about an animated fairy princess who is cast into the real world by her future mother in law.
It was absolutely adorable. It was funny, heartfelt, and romantic. I'm not generally a fan of romantic comedies, but this one was different. I highly recommend it.
Everytime I see both Amy Adams and James Marsden I love them more.

The Mist:

The Mist is about a mysterious fog that rolls into a small town. With it come creatures that want to destroy the town and it's inhabitants.
It was surprisingly character driven and dramatic. It didn't rely too heavily on the sci-fi nature to distract from the plot like some movies do, and it also didn't employ cheap scares to entertain.
Overall, I'd say it was one of the best "horror" movies I've seen in a long time. It wasn't really scary, but that's okay.
It has a surprise ending that didn't really surprise me. In my head I was thinking "Wouldn't it be funny if...?" and then it actually happened, however, I do like the ending. It was definitely one that had us discussing it long after the movie was over.
That Stephen King knows his stuff.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I haven't seen any of these. I better wake up.

Avitable said...

The only way I can see Enchanted is if I go by myself, and I don't think that's gonna happen. I'll have to wait for DVD.

Robin said...

I'd probably only see August out of all of those and I'll probably Netflix it.

ADW said...

I need to see Enchanted. For me, not the kiddies.

Sarcastica said...

I really want to see Enchanted. I'm sort of hesitate about the other two though...they just don't float my boat.

Amanda said...

Mr. Fab- Catch up, man.

Avitable- I would love to see the concerned faces of the parents while you sit there for Enchanted

Robin- It's so, so cheesy

ADW- Seriously, go see it

Sarcastica- Enchanted is so good, go see it.