I'm Finished


I am officially finished with my Christmas shopping. I'm proud of myself because when I was growing up, my mom would make me go to the mall with her on Christmas Eve where she would start her shopping. She'd make me walk to a different department or store while she purchased my presents. So I'm overcoming years of procrastination and irresponsibility when it comes to my Christmas shopping. Finishing three weeks early is a major achievement for me.

And I am finished with wrapping as well, with the exception of a few articles of clothing I ordered for my boyfriend online, but those will fit in boxes that will wrap very easily. Here's some logic for you. My boyfriend hates clothes shopping. He hates the act of it, and he hates spending his money on clothes. So instead of me buying him the video games I was going to, I'm buying him pants and shirts, and he's going to spend the money he had for clothes on video games. Smart thinking, tiger.

Now, I move on to the more daunting task. Every year I make an exceptional amount of cookies. I make them specifically for my work Christmas party, but I end up with so many, I have to start begging people to take them. I send them to to my boyfriend's family, to friends, to random people on the street.

Every year I tell myself to make less. I don't need to make ten different kinds. Five kinds will be plenty. But every time I try to take one off the list, I add a new one. So as of right now, I have the list narrowed down to eight different kinds.

Chocolate Espresso Cookies
Chocolate Chip
Wedding Cookies
Peppermint snowballs

Some of you may be receiving a very special package from me soon.


Rich | Championable said...

The clothes/video game swap is brilliant. I can't believe you've finished 3 weeks early. That's an utterly impossible goal for me. And wrapping, too?



Anonymous said...

Can I send you my address for some cookies please???


Poppy Cede said...

I love buckeyes. I should totally go to the store tomorrow to get the ingredients!!!

Avitable said...

Have I mentioned recently that you're my favoritest blogger in the whole world?

Amanda said...

Rich: We all have to rebel against our parents in someway. Mine is my organizational skills.

Anonymous: My email address is Amanda234 at gmail dot com

Poppy: I know, they are delicious. I would send you some of mine, but I don't think they'll travel well...

Avitable: Really...that's so sweet. wait, is this a ploy to get cookies? I am shocked.

Anonymous said...

Oh I havent even started.

I'm depressed now.

Mr. Fabulous said...

What on earth are wedding cookies?

Amanda said...

Angela: There's still plenty of time, don't worry.

Mr. Fab: Mexican wedding cookies? Tea Cakes? They're little nut filled cookies dipped in powdered sugar. It's good stuff. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to try them.

Sarcastica said...

Omg I hope I receive a package I absolutely love cookies...and I entered my work cookie exchange but I don't know how to bake decent cookies without burning the shit out of them =|

Sarcastica said...

Uh but I'm allergic to nuts...so...ya...

Amanda said...

Sarcastica: Email me your address ... Amanda234 at gmail dot com. Also, does that include chocolate that may have been made around nuts or just cookies with nuts in them?