Strange Condition

I was going to do a review of Strange Wilderness, but that movie does not deserve any more of my time. Let's just say it was possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Perhaps if I was on whatever drugs the writers, actors, and studio execs. who approved this crap pile were clearly on, I would have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was sober. Although I would like to say I still love Steve Zahn and Justin Long, and I'm sorry I called your movie a crap pile.

So instead, I will regale you with conversations I've had at work recently:

Dr.:I'm going to write to Kevin Smith to see if he'll do a Clerks III.
Me: Please don't, he doesn't need encouragement. Two was enough.
Dr.:I don't care, I love Randall and Dante.

Dr.: Man, I can't wait for Harold and Kumar to come out.
Me: Oh my God, I know. We just watched the first one again. We're ready.
Dr.: I just hope the reason it took so long to come out isn't because it sucks.

Me: What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?
Dr: Tickets to the Blue Man Group
Me: In Vegas?
Dr: Yeah, why not?
Me: So I should spring for the $200 tickets, then say "Sorry baby you have to pay $1500 for airfare and hotel. Happy Birthday!"
Dr: Hell, I'll buy Blue Man tickets if he'll take me to Vegas.


Poppy Cede said...

I saw Blue Man Group in Boston! REALLY good. Too bad you're far away from Vegas and Boston. :-/

Amanda said...

Poppy: I saw them in Vegas about two years ago after they opened up at the venetian, I agree, they are very good.

Rich | Championable said...

For some reason I feel like I mentioned this already, but my office is directly across the street from The Blue Man Group on Lafayette Street in NYC. I always kind of look to see if they're going to be outside for some random reason.

Of course, they never are. At least not in makeup.

whall said...

After seeing BMG in Vegas many years ago (Luxor), I was in New York in 2000 (subway series was going on). BMG was playing on broadway in the theatre they started in. The place was *tiny*. I convinced some friends to go and it was definitely worth it. Great after-show also.

Amanda said...

rich: that's awesome... I'm sure they don't wear the make up around town, though. Sadly.

whall: honestly, I was drunk as hell when I saw them, but I really liked it!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wait a are dissing Clerks and then in the same breath praising Harold and Kumar?

Not cool...

Avitable said...

Clerks 2 was awesome. You didn't like it?

Amanda said...

Mr. Fab- I'm not dissing clerks! I love Kevin Smith.

Avitable- I loved it! I just don't think a third one is necessary, that's how you ruin something.

Robin said...

Still haven't seen Clerks II, I'm afraid it will taint the first one.

Sarcastica said...

I've never seen [or even heard of] the Blue Man Group..but you should buy him Hairspray, heh.