Or Am I Just Coping?

So, I'm halfway through my month of working 6-7 days a week. I know this doesn't sound insane to most of you, but I'm used to working part time, generally three, maybe four days a week. Except for a few Sundays I have off, I'm working every day. That's because technically I gave three weeks notice to my old job, because during my last week, my manager is out of town, and I didn't want to leave them completely stranded. Some days I'm splitting between the two places, opening at one, and closing at the other. Thankfully they're located close to each other.

I've been making the transition better than I thought I would. I'm learning quickly at the new job, although it is a lot different than I'm used to.

My old job was half retail, half medical office work. Sure, on the weekends we'd be really busy and have to haul ass, but most of the time it was fairly slow paced. There were only five of us that work there, including the doctor and my manager.

This new job is quick quick quick all the time. It's a huge store and a huge staff. There's nowhere to sit, so I have to stand eight hours a day. This might not sound that bad, but I'm used to sitting at least half of the day now. I'm assuming I'll get used to it, right?

This calls for shoe shopping, because all my shoes are apparently really uncomfortable.


Poppy said...

I never got used to standing when I had a job where I had to stand. ugh. My sympathies.

Avitable said...

You can get some of those sexy orthopedic shoes. Rawr.