Dreaming of Revelry

I try not to talk about music too much here, because I'm constantly excited about something new. Blitzen Trapper, Joshua Radin, Ben Folds, The Stills, Low Vs. Diamond, Okkervil River, Glasvegas, TV On The Radio, and Cold War Kids are just a few of the bands with awesome new stuff I've been into lately. I know I tend to like weird stuff, or at least lesser known bands, so I don't try to spread the indie rock word, because I know it's not for everybody.

However, there is a particular new album out that is SO good. It's Only By The Night by Kings of Leon. You may be familiar with them from the song "Molly's Chambers," which was in a Volkswagen commercial awhile back. This album is so above and beyond that though. If you're a fan of rock music at all, I encourage you to check it out.

The first single off of the album is called Sex On Fire and it's one of the better songs I've heard in a long time. Plus, it's incredibly sexy. For real.

Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon

I just keep listening to the cd over and over again.


Avitable said...

Not really my cuppa, but I know what you mean about being able to listen to a CD over and over again.

Robin said...

Not jumping out at me but maybe it will grow on me.