Hate Is A Strong Word

So, I don't tend to get controversial here. I'm a fairly neutral person, and I try to let people live the way they want to live without passing judgment.

But people on Twitter are really starting to aggravate me

I know social media is what you make of it. I always have the option to unfollow people on Twitter (and trust me, I have been recently). But some people are totally rad like 80% of the time. I don't want to unfollow them, but more and more I've been tempted.

Maybe I'm just over Twitter.

The Top Five Irritating Things You're Doing On Twitter (yes, you.)

5. Multiple blog post announcements- This one doesn’t really bother me that much, but I’ve seen other people complain. I I follow you on Twitter, I probably already have your blog in my feed reader, so one announcement on Twitter is more than enough. But when you have the feed being announced from four different sources, it’s pretty superfluous. Maybe you could scale back?

4. Hashtags- Okay, they’re not all bad. Some can be helpful; some are downright funny (like Michael Ian Black’s #fuckitlist.) But it’s completely unnecessary to put a hashtag after every tweet you have. And kinda douchey. Not everything you say needs to be indexed.

3. Blip.fm- This is the newest irritant. I don’t mind the sporadic “Rocking out to Taco- Putting on the Ritz” tweet, but you can listen to a lot of music during the day. We don’t need to know every song you listen to. In fact, that’s what Last.fm is for. People can go on their own accord to see what you’ve been listening to, without it being crammed down their throat.

2. Live tweeting television shows- Sure, it’s one thing if there’s something big going on, like a political debate. I’ll even allow for award shows, even though it’s still irritating. But we do not need to know your every thought, feeling, and reaction to what Simon said to that contestant every Tuesday and Wednesday, and then your reaction to the bachelor and to who Donald fires. Its fine to have the occasional “Wow, BSG was frakking amazing tonight” or “Man, Sheldon just doesn’t understand social customs. Poor Leonard, it must be rough being his roommate. ” comment, but seriously. Please stop. If people care that much about American Idol, they’ll watch it and have their own opinions.

1. Twitter parties- This is by far the most obnoxious, irritating thing I’ve seen yet. Good lord. Seriously, get a fucking chat room. It is really galling to completely flood and overwhelm Twitter for your own intents and purposes. Twitter is for everyone, not just for you.

What irritates you on Twitter?


Avitable said...

For some reason, my blog always tweets my blog post URL twice. I've never been able to figure that out.

I agree with you on all of these things.

Robin said...

Phew, I really don't do any of those other than a tweet for my blog post.

Tug said...

LOL. I did the party thing (complete with hashtags) the other night, but I can totally see how annoying it could be. The rest? Yeah, me too. And a whole page of one person's twats...sometimes I have to scroll back 5 pages to see what I missed ('cause I'm snoopy like that sometimes).

Sarcastica said...

I don't think I annoy you lol as far as I know my blog only tweets my post URL once, and I only tweet the occasional song on Blip.fm that I want to share :) I've never been able to figure out the hashtag thing, and doubts on that ever happening :D and twitter parties? Ya I stand with you on that one rofl!

I basically hate all the same things :) oh ya, and I dislike it when I get messages saying "FOLLOW ME" - if I didn't directly follow someone when they followed me, it's because a) I haven't gotten around to or b) I actually don't want to. Either way, it should be at my own discretion on who I follow or not. I've never sent a message to someone demanding that they follow me. It's stupid.

Yet it happens WAY too often for my liking.

Sarah said...

I hate hate hate live tweeting of shows! Especially shows I watch. You know I'm the west coast and am usually watching these shows 3 hours behind the people who do the live tweeting.

I want to know what happens on my show when I watch it, NOT when you tweet about it.

Ok so my bitchfest is done now.

Dave2 said...

YES! Somebody had to say it!

5.Agreed. I hate ALL BLOG POST ANNOUNCEMENTS! You're absolutely right... if I am bothering to follow you on Twitter, I am already subscribed to your web feed if I want to read your blog.

4. Agreed. I don't mind occasional hashtags... but they are so overused as to be useless.

3. Agreed. Odds are I don't like your musical tastes anyway, so I am with you on this.

2. Agreed. This one really perplexes me. It's one thing to offer an opinion as to what's going on... but to just recap what's happening on a show or sporting event is stupid. If I wanted to know about that crap, I'D WATCH THE SHOW!!

1. Agreed X 100. I unfollow people who clutter up my Twitter feed with this stuff.

Amanda said...

Avitable- Eh, the multiple tweets are the least of my concerns

Robin- Of course you don't do anything annoying

Tug- I've unfollowed for too much tweeting

Sarcastica- No, you don't annoy me, my dear

Sarah- I almost never watch television live, I Tivo everything, so it spoils for me, too, even in central time.

Dave- I'm glad you agree. You were partially the inspiration for #5

whall said...

If only they made a client or a user profile preference that let you specify phrases to 'blacklist' so you could still follow the person, but auto-erase any tweets with certain phrases.

- "new blog post"
- "blip.fm"
- #americanidol
- whall is a douche

These things I think we can all live without. That way we don't have to change the people we follow or all try to come up with some tweetiquette or something.

Hannah said...

I don't really Twitter, but I saw some that listed every single inane thing the person would do during the day. (ex. "Went for coffee, picked up dry cleaning, ate lunch") Who cares?!

P.S. Borat's Twitter is awesome! LOL