All Your Diction Dripping With Disdain

It's funny the conversations you overhear. You know, when you're eavesdropping.

(at The Killers concert)
Douche: The last time I was here was for the Death Cab for Cutie concert. It was okay.
Girl: I loved it.
Douche: Yeah it was really good. I'm just not that big of a fan of mainstream music. I'm more into Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys.
(Let me interject here: While these aren't the biggest names in the music industry, they are by no means "not mainstream." Vampire Weekend was possibly the biggest hyped band I've ever seen)

*Countdown starts on the screen onstage for the Killer's entrance*

Douche: Oh, they did this at the Coldplay concert. Now that was a good one.


Hilly said...

Coldplay. Awesome.

Hannah said...

Vampire Weekend? Pleeze! Douche indeed!

Robin said...

Total douche.

Amanda said...

Hilly- Oh, are you familiar with them? They're so not mainstream

Hannah- They're sooo indie and cool, right?

Robin- I know, it was hard to not turn around and laugh in his face

Sarcastica said...

ROFL! Wow that guy really is a douche. Coldplay? Seriously? yuck. I hate Coldplay.