Never Give You Up

I think I'm going to pick and choose through the questions on that meme everyone's been doing. I don't want to answer all of them, but when one seems interesting I'll play along.

My guilty pleasure? I think I've talked about it before, but I love stuff made for teenagers. I love the TV shows , the books, the movies, all of it. I don't know why. I understand the simplicity, the overused plot lines, the poor writing, all of it. I just don't care. Something about it just really interests me. Only 28 more days until Eclipse comes out!

Speaking of Eclipse, my 6 year old nephew recently saw Twilight and thinks that Edward is the "coolest vampire ever!" This upsets his step-mother to no end. She's a hardcore goth with a major vampire fetish (yes, for real.) She loves Le Stat and wants desperately to show T Interview with the Vampire, but it's obviously not appropriate for a 6 year old. So now, whenever Mike and I are around T we bring up how great Edward is, and how super cool that baseball game they played during the thunderstorm. It's fun corrupting the mind of a child. And irritating his parents in the meantime.

Another guilty pleasure I used to have? Crappy pop music. I've moved on since my early teenage years, but tonight, my former love of shitty music served me a great purpose. One of the local concert venues had a Twitter trivia contest to win tickets to see the sold out The Black Keys concert next week. Thankfully, the question they asked was about who the first band/person to play at the venue were.

I knew the response because at the time, this band was a guilty pleasure of mine. A few years prior they were cool (to me and my friends at least) but by the time this concert rolled around they were passe. So I really wanted to go, but I couldn't let my friends know how lame I was.

The band in question? Hanson.

Hanson helped me win tickets to see the Black Keys, one of the best bands out there. It's sort of deliciously ironic.


Robin said...

I so want to corrupt a child, I'll have to wait until my brother has children.

Josh said...

You know...Hanson isn't as bad as everyone thinks they are. Just because of mmmbop...

Amanda said...

Robin- Nothing was funnier than Mike teaching T how to say "Son of a bitch!" just like Lewis Black, on accident

Josh- For one, I don't dislike Mmmbop. Two, I think they have good lyrics, arrangements, etc, I just think they can't sing well

Avitable said...

People are still hardcore goths?

You'll be happy to hear that I didn't actually get to go see Backstreet Boys the other night, so you shouldn't be too jealous. My date got sick so we couldn't go.

jess [the bottle chronicles] said...

What a win! LOL!

I love things made for teens, and corrupting the minds of children ;0)

Congrats on the concret!

Amanda said...

Avitable- Well, of course I'm not glad your date got sick. But I am happy to hear I don't have to be jealous.

Jess- Thanks, it's about time Hanson helped me out