• So... I get to bring my own food, my own booze, and give them money for their honeymoon? AWESOME. Am I wrong to think this is really tacky? It's fine if you don't have the money for a big fancy wedding, but it seems super tacky to expect the guests to pay for everything, plus give you money on top of it.
  • Mike's driving my car to work today while his in the shop and during the five minute drive from the shop to my house, he managed to pick apart just about every aspect of my car (the clock's wrong, I need an oil change, there's an unexplained squeaky noise, the backseat is messy, etc). I believe that was his way of thanking me for letting him borrow my car all day.
  • It's hot. There are four air conditioning units at my store, and two of them are broken. My company's to cheap to fix them because, after all, two of them are working. Um, no. It's hot as hell in there. I've been wearing skirts everyday, which is weird for me, but it's a necessary breeze. I'm a little too chubby for this to work though, and my thighs are permanently stuck together.
  • I'm really liking SYTYCD this season, but I still don't know that I'm crazy about the new format. There are so many great dancers (Alex, Billy, Robert, Jose, Kent) and I just want to put Kent in my pocket and carry him around with me. But the all-stars distract me from the contestants, especially the female contestants (who are not bringing it yet), because I get so excited to see Twitch, Mark, Pasha, Ade and Neil again that I ignore the dancer who is actually trying to win.
  • Okay, I know I'll be alone in this one, but I kind of feel bad for Tony Hayward. Don't get me wrong, he's a tool. But what happened certainly isn't his fault alone, a lot of mistakes were made. The clips from the hearing (grilling) yesterday made me cringe. I think it's got to be hard to be the face of the disaster when so many are to blame.
  • Is it just me, or is Train's Hey Soul Sister an awful song? I mean there's a lot of music I don't like (the entire Black Eyed Peas catalog) but there's only a few I really hate. These are some of the most ridiculous lyrics I've ever heard in my life. Yet somehow, this freaking song is on the radio constantly.


Robin said...

I are you me? I swear you are. Wait, are you part of my split personality? Seriously I just agree with it all basically. Especially SYTYCD, the format hasn't felt right for a few seasons, I miss the early years. I feel bad for the new contestants because I can only seem to focus on the past ones. I HATE the song Soul Sister, so obnoxious.

We really should take our act on the road.

Poppy said...

This is a tough economy so I actually think they're being smart requesting money for their honeymoon so they're not in debt for it. shrug.

I intentionally ignore the all-star while watching SYTYCD so I don't get distracted by him/her, which makes me sad that I'm only seeing half the performance. Alex Wong's performance was breathtaking, though.

And Kent really is awesomeness. :)

jess; [the bottle chronicles] said...

I like their idea; ALTHOUGH I think it's a wee bit tacky to ask all guests to bring food, you know? We were going to have a BYOB celebration and list no presents (because it's assumed that the wedding gifts of choice is money that way). I was going to (along with close family) do all the cooking.

As Poppy said, a lot of people can't afford to get married and still long to have a ceremony with friends. I know we definitely can't afford your typical "honeymoon". (we're spending a couple nights at a nice hotel overlooking a beautiful lake though).

**but I still think asking people to bring their own booze, food AND give a present is a bit much. I would personally ask certian people to bring food and tell them that's their gift to us, you know?

jess; [the bottle chronicles] said...

P.S I love SYTYCD :D

Only, I perfer SYTYCDC :D

Amanda said...

Robin- Right? It's the worst.

Poppy- It's not really the request for money for the honeymoon that bothers me, it's the request for food, alcohol, and the money. I think one or the other is fine, but I just think it's tacky to ask the guests to provide everything.

Jess- Exactly, it's overkill. I don't mind BYOB and giving money, it's the having to bring my own food on top of it all that's getting to me. And wow, the acronym gets really long in Canada.

Sarah said...

I think that's super tacky. Either ask for honeymoon money or have a potluck so the money you save can be used as a honeymoon.

Personally I've never heard of having a potluck wedding. But then I haven't been to that many so I don't know.

Also Vahid said he agrees with your last bullet. (Is it bad that I already forgot what it was? Yeah, thought so.

Avitable said...

I think they should request one thing for the wedding, but asking for everyone to bring food, booze, and contribute to the honeymoon is overkill and tacky.

Amanda said...

Sarah- I'm guessing he hates that god forsaken Train song, as well. And just give it a year or two, everyone you know will get married.

Adam-Totally! Plus I have to wear a really, really hideous bridesmaid gown.

The Urban Cowboy said...

First time here, and first time I heard of BYOB plus cash or electronics wedding. Surprised they ask for your plastic (credit cards) too.