Too Shy Shy

So, my first day of class was today. I'm only taking one class this semester. I was supposed to be taking three, but one of them got canceled, which pushes me back to graduating a semester later than I had planned. Which sucks. So I decided to drop the other class so I could take it next semester, leaving me to focus on this one class.

Pretty much all my friends graduated in the spring, so I only vaguely knew a few people in this class. We're going to have a semester long project based on a country of our choosing. With a partner.

Then the teacher announced we were picking our own partners. In a class where I don't know anyone.

It's amazing how quickly you can revert back into being a scared 14 year old, on your first day of high school, worrying that no one wants to be your friend. The embarrassment, the racing heartbeat, the flushed cheeks.

Only, when I was 14, I wasn't this bad. I was confident. I had friends. I knew what I was doing. Why is it harder now? It's not like its a big deal. It's not embarrassing to not know someone. You just introduce yourself, and voila! You know them. We're all grownups. Well, I am. Some of my classmates are still children.

Thankfully the guy in front of me didn't have a partner, either. The cute, well dressed, funny guy in front me.

I was starting to get psyched about this, as we discussed which country to choose. I wanted England. He wanted Russia. Or Mexico, where his partner's from. Of course.

(We chose Sweden.)


Poppy said...

Aww, now you're someone's beard!

I am too much of a control freak to enjoy working with a partner, unless I intimately know that partner and trust that they'll just sit back and make me do the work anyway so I'm doing the work. :)

kapgar said...

Ha! I wish I had something more insightful to say, but I really don't. I'm laughing too hard at your "luck."

Avitable said...

Now you're a cute girl with no ring on her finger - I'm surprised you didn't get picked quicker!

Amanda said...

Poppy- Thankfully, no beards are required in the art department. It's not a full partnership, we just have to pick cities from the same country and share research, but our actual projects are separate.

Kapgar- My luck always works this way.

Avitable- Well thank you. But there are no straight guys in the interior design world. Not any that I've ever met, anyway.

Robin said...

Just reading this I got all panicky, I think I too am worse than I was as a teenager, I didn't think it was possible.