The End Has A Start

My boyfriend's brother's fiance, A2, is starting to really annoy me. (I call her A2 because her name is the same of someone I know, but she's younger and I haven't known her as long)

She and D got engaged when she was 18, after they had been dating for a year. I'm not generally one to judge other's relationships, but this is odd to me. They want to get married next summer, between her junior and senior years of college. Why can't they wait one more year and wait for her to graduate? I know every relationship is different, but who gets married at 20 anymore? (At least when they're not pregnant). She likes to talk about how mature she is for her age, but in my experience, if you have to talk about it, it's probably not true.

They look at my boyfriend and I and ask why we're not getting married. I never know what to say to this, because the truth is, I think we're too young. We've been dating for almost five years, and we have barely talked about even moving in together. I want to graduate from college and get a steady job before committing myself to anyone.

This is not the reason she annoys me, however. Last year we took D to Dave and Buster's for his 21st birthday while A2 was out of town. Ever since she has been talking incessantly about wanting to go. She's only 20 though, so she can't get in. She's been practically counting down the days until my boyfriend turned 25 so he could get her in. I guess she feels left out, because we're all 21+. We all got left out of things when we were under the legal age, so what's the big deal? She doesn't drink or play video games often. We put her off for more than a month, but they finally pinned us down, so we're going Tuesday night.

She also does a lot of other stuff that irritates me. She likes to talk about being bisexual, but she's never done anything with anyone besides D. I've made out with more girls than she has. (Although I've made out with more girls than D, too.) This alone wouldn't bother me, but she hits on me fairly often. Not full out, but she tells me how pretty I look, or how nice my ass looks. It doesn't bother me because she's a girl (God knows I'll take whatever compliment I can get) but more so because it seems inappropriate for my future sister-in-law to do so.

She also commits my number one pet peeve, which is complaining how fat she is while eating chips/popcorn/cheesecake/cookies. We'll all go out to dinner, then afterwards A2 and D snack all night while my boyfriend and I just sit there. They then complain about how we don't exercise much, so why are we so skinny?

Also, I know imitation is flattery and all, but there needs to be a limit. She tries to listen to the same bands as me, watch the same shows, read the same books. She styles her hair like mine. I understand I'm cool and all, but get your own identity.

This could go on and on, so I'll stop here. I guess I just need to suck it up, because it doesn't look like she's going anywhere. Wish me luck at Dave and Busters. I will keep my mouth shut and smile like I always do.

**** Also, go vote in Mr. Fab's cleavage contest. I can't tell you which is mine, but I am in there. ****


Avitable said...

I style my hair like you too!

I think I guessed your cleavage correctly, but I guess we'll see.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Is it wrong that now that I am commenting, all I can think of is the part where you talked about making out with other girls?

Poppy Cede said...

I have a problem with you sitting back and taking all of this. I think you need to sit down with her and establish clear boundaries. It won't get any easier once you're both married into the family. That's just gonna get worse. Make the rules now or suffer a lifetime of "UGH! I CAN'T STAND THIS WOMAN!" She might be hurt and confused at first, but your relationship might change into something much better if you show her how you *don't* need her to be around you (which is a fa-ker).

Sarcastica said...

She sounds like a really wiener. I mean winner...