It All Comes Together

This is going to be a random, three part post today.

1. I am way overdue discussing this, but the ever awesome Troy has bestowed an award upon me.
That's right, I'm cooler than this guy. I am so proud. But read Troy's post about it, it's way funnier than mine could be. Thanks, Troy!

2. I swear I'm not a lesbian. Really. But how hot are these girls?

Very, very hot is the answer you were looking for.

3. There's a bunch of movies I've seen that I didn't discuss so this is going to be short.

Charlie Bartlett- Super funny ,super good. It's a quirky indie comedy so it's not for everyone, but it's really good.

Vantage Point- Sucked pretty bad. The first hour and fifteen minutes were literally the same story over and over again, then the last fifteen minutes picked up, but I was already so bored I didn't care. There was no character development, and everything was really flat.

Death At A Funeral- Super, super, funny. Like really, really. We saw it in a group of people and everyone loved it. Then I recommended it to my coworkers, they all saw it and loved it.

The Nines- I was really confused during most of it, but I sure like looking at Ryan Reynolds.


Robin said...

Thinking other women are hot and wanting to touch their breasts does not make you a lesbian.

Poppy Cede said...

The gauziness reminds me of the oracle in 300.

Avitable said...

They are indeed very, very hot.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Ahhh...I was wondering about Charlie Bartlett. I'll check it out.