I Guess This Is Growing Up

Making birthday plans as an adult kind of sucks. Remember when you were a kid, and your birthday was all that mattered? Apparently, your 24th birthday is not that big of a deal. And I don't really want it to be either.

Previously, I've always not gone to class on my birthday, so I could spend the day doing my favorite thing (wearing pajamas and watching television). This year, I really need to go to class because of the intense course load. So I'll be spending most of my birthday day hunched over a drafting table.

Then, my boyfriend has an exam in his ecology class in the evening so I won't even see him until after 8. Sure, I could just go out with friends, but he's the one I want to spend my birthday with. So we'll go to a late-ish dinner, but I can't even stay out that late because I have to work on Friday, and I do much better when I'm not exhausted and hungover.

Oh well. It won't be that bad. At least I have someone to be upset with for not spending time with me on my birthday, I suppose. I think I'll let this one slide, but my 25th birthday had better be fucking huge.


Sarah said...

Happy birthday!

And I always spend my birthday in class (well unless the semester ends early or summer semester starts late).

Usually I'm taking a test. I'm pretty sure that god hates me.

Avitable said...

Happy birthday! As you get older, you'll realize that you need to plan your birthday around weekends before or after the actual day. I hope you get to do something fun, though.

So, when I visit your blog, for some reason it pulls up a Twitter username and password box and tries to make me put in my info. You may want to look into that.

Grant said...

Hippy bertday =)

ajooja said...

Happy birthday!!!

My family made me a cake I can't eat anymore (because of the ingredients) for my birthday. No card. No party. No gifts. No eating out. Nothing.

I was on deadline for a project at the time but it still sucked.

Birthdays and holidays become about someone else the older you get. Sorry.

I agree with Adam. You have to plan something or everyone drops the ball.

Robin said...

I just realized, you are the same age as my brother, he turns 24 in a couple weeks. I don't know how I feel about this...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

So you too are part of the November club! So far there have been 5 of us! Um, I have learned the same thing Adam said...party before or after, on the weekend. Also, *I* make a huge deal of it then make others tag along...haha.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Avitable send me to say Happy Birthday - so happy birthday! I hope it's the best so far, despite his ecology exam.


Sarcastica said...

Happy Birthday hun! Enjoy the day, even if you aren't doing anything amazingly huge ;)

Poppy said...



Birthdays are very important. If you can't celebrate on The Day then make sure to find a day where you can.

Amanda said...

Sarah- Thank you! My parents would let me skip when I was younger and it set a precedent.

Avitable- Thank you! I think I fixed the twitter issue

Grant- Think Yew?

Ajooja- Thank you- And it wasn't so bad in the end, I suppose

Robin- Ha, I know. But I promise not to leave a condom on your floor.

Hilly- Thanks- And more than half the staff at my work has a birthday in november- this week alone there were three (thurs, fri, and saturday)

Immoral Matriarch- Thank you- It wasn't bad at all

Sarcastica- Thank you!

Poppy- Thank you! And we did celebrate a bit

Robin said...

That makes me feel a little bit better...