I've Got A Halloweenhead

I, for one, had an awesome Halloween. How was yours?

Little known fact: I'm only four feet tall.

Halloweenhead - Ryan Adams


Avitable said...

Holy shit, you're tiny!

I had a great Halloween. Hope you can come next year!

whall said...

@Avitable - I think they prefer the term 'little people'. Don't go offending them with slurs such as "tiny".

Robin said...

I'm only 4 feet tall too, we should start a midget gang!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you petite little sexy thing! I am glad you had a great Halloween...mine was crazy fabulous!

Amanda said...

Avitable- From what I've seen, you sure did have a great Halloween

Whall- It's true, I'm offended

Robin- Let's do it. Oddly, I'm not all that short. I just hang around giants.

Hilly- I'm sure you did, I'm jealous