If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It

First of all, (Sorry, Britt) I need your address so I can send out my holiday cards. I think I only have the current address for about three of you, so please email me at Amanda234 AT gmail DOT com because I would love to send each of you a card. I really really would. Thank you.

I've spent a total of about eight hours working on the picture above in SketchUp, and it's still not close to being finished. I need to get rid of the line on the wall (when I erase it the whole wall falls apart) and add soffit. And hard ware. And I'm sure a ton of other things.

I've spend this whole semester procrastinating because December seemed like a such a long way away. In this class, the whole grade is essentially based on designing and presenting a house. There are only three times in the whole semester we get grades for this, so each point is pretty important. I was never worried because really? December? That's a long way away. Except for that the entire thing is due TWO WEEKS from yesterday. Good lord.

It's not like it's an easy two weeks either, the only days I have off work between now and then are tomorrow, Thanksgiving, and the Saturday after Thanksgiving (because I'll be at a wedding).

I forsee a serious lack of sleep in my future. Stupid procrastination.


Avitable said...

I'm pretty sure my address is one that you have, since you sent me cookies.

Maybe you could just make a shack instead of a house, with one room, no inner walls, and a bucket of ice instead of a refrigerator?

ajooja said...

Oooooooo, I might have to download SketchUp. I have a strong interest in architecture but I use a similar skill-set in a different field.

Is the program pretty decent?

Robin said...

Still, that is so cool. I must finish up my thank you cards and then I'm going to see if anyone online wants one.

Amanda said...

Avitable- Thankfully refrigerators are imported pictures, so it'll be a shack with one room, no inner walls, and a refrigerator.

Ajooja- It's pretty good- It's the easiest one I've found for 3-D architectural modeling. It's really intuitive You can import your CAD drawings so you have a baseline of where to put your walls and whatnot. It's definitely worth checking out.

Robin- Really? You're not doing holiday cards? You seem like you're so into the holiday spirit.

Poppy said...

That picture is byoo-tee-fullll.

Sarcastica said...

I can't afford the stamps on holiday cards :( sigh.

That homeless man I met on the street had more cash on him then I did lmfao!

:) I emotionally am sending everyone cards...in my imagination, where it doesn't cost any money :)

whall said...

Embrace your inner procrastinist. Hard work pays off eventually, but laziness pays off now!