Oh It's Such a Perfect Day

Don't you love it when you have one of those perfect days? Those days that don't end up at all like you think they're going to, but surprise you with their awesomeness?

I had one of those days recently. It started with my mom taking me out to breakfast at one of my favorites, First Watch. Then we went to the hardware store to get the accoutrement for hanging our new curtains.

After we finished hanging them, my boyfriend came to pick me up and we drove about an hour north to Pere Marquette State Park in Grafton, Illinois. It was too cold to hike, but we drove through their scenic drive part, and it was still beautiful, even in winter. We saw several bald eagles while we were there, which is kind of cool, I suppose.

We wanted to eat dinner in Grafton, but it was still kind of early, so we stopped at the Grafton Winery to get a drink. After sampling several varieties, we settled on a bottle of their Harbor Red and settled into a table overlooking a marina and the Mississippi. No, it's not the most beautiful river in the world, but it was a pretty day. There was a dude playing music there, mostly awesome stuff like the Eagles and 90's rock. I realized if I was going to walk out of the winery I was going to need some food, since I skipped lunch, so we had a cheese and sausage platter and some yummy sandwiches.

On the drive home, I insisted we stop at the Alton Belle Casino, because it was the ugliest building I've ever seen on the outside, and I was dying to see what the inside looked like. It was not nearly as hideous inside, just normal generic casino.

Then we came home and snuggled in bed while watching The Sopranos. It's taken me five years, but I've finally convinced him to watch it with me, so that's a win.

So what do you consider a perfect day?


Hilly said...

I think that a perfect day for me starts with a lazy brunch amongst friends, including lots of coffee and toasts with jam.

Then maybe little shops, a bookstore, hot coffee, a nap or something of the sort.

Then a wild dinner with the same friends...drinks, laughter, more drinks..then back to another's house to continue the fun.

I'm easy. :)

ajooja said...

We've had several perfect days there as well. We used to go to a bed and breakfast in Elsa that was really nice.

We need to go up there again. Do a little Fast Eddie's, hang out at Pere Marquette.

Robin said...

i thought at first it was your mom whom you cuddled =)

a great day for me? definitely a day with manly man. we would go out for breakfast, maybe go to the movies or something, maybe take pictures...i don't know most days with him when we do something fun are the best. they change. you did get me thinking about a restaurant a little far away i've been DYING to go back to.

Avitable said...

I love First Watch. I go there all the time on the weekends.

whall said...

Another casino post reminding me I need to be in Vegas soon.

Casino reason why not!

Sarcastica said...

I consider a perfect day to be spent with my loved ones, stress free and worry free with no arguments or meanness :)

And cuddles in bed while watching a TV series and or movie :)

Hannah said...

New here.:) My perfect day would start with sleeping for 9 hours straight, no interruptions (This is rare for me), eating a big, vegetarian breakfast, swimming in a clean lake/river, driving around aimlessly, shopping in knicknack and clothing stores and then watching a great movie at home with lots of popcorn.:)

Amanda said...

Wow sorry I suck at responding to comments.

Hilly- That all sounds like fun

Ajooja- If you want a drink I recommend the winery there, it was excellent.

Robin- It's worth the drive if it's a special place to you

Avitable- I love their banana pancakes. and their waffles. and their omelets.

Whall- God I love Vegas. I'm trying to convince Mike to take me there for my 25th birthday

Sarcastica- That sounds lovely

Hannah- Welcome! I love driving around aimlessly.