We Both Go Down Together

I hate surprises.

Or, specifically, I hate poorly executed surprises.

My boyfriend spent Sunday working on something that he couldn't talk about that I would find out about sometime in the future. Now, he also spent the day working on a paper. He could have just said that, and not mentioned the mystery project. But now the not knowing is DRIVING ME INSANE.

I finally got out of him that whatever it is, I'll find out about on Saturday. We're not usually big Valentine's Day people, so this is odd.

I think for a really good surprise, the recipient should have no idea something is coming, then it's all Boom! Roasted! It's a little mean to telling someone like me that they have a surprise coming. (It's really hard to be in control when you're being surprise, you know?

He says I'm building it up too much, I'll be disappointed.

I just wish he wouldn't have said anything.


Robin said...

Manly Man is always doing that, I hate that. If you are going to do a surprise yet you should not mention it, allude to it or leave any hints until the moment you release the surprise. That is, unless it's some sex surprise and then at least give me a little bit of a warning.

Avitable said...

I know what you mean. I fucking hate surprises. Nobody ever does it as perfectly as I would have planned it, so I'm always going to be disappointed.

Krystle said...

Do you think there could be an engagement coming?!

I agree - if it is going to be a surprise, don't even tell me a single thing about it. Nadda.

Amanda said...

Robin- Well, sure, for sex surprises a little warning is appreciated

Avitable- I'm most likely going to be disappointed, but more because I'm building it up in my head

Krystle- I thought that briefly but I really doubt it. One, he doesn't want to get married. Two, if for some strange chance he changes his mind, he wouldn't do it on V-Day

Sarcastica said...

God I HATE it when they do that!!! You spend every waking minute wondering what it could be, and even if you're told to not think about it HOW CAN YOU NOT?
Punch him out! lol

Poppy said...

What the hell was it?!

Hannah said...

I tried to comment earlier but it didn't work.

So what was the surprise? We're dying of anticipation here! ;)