You've Got The Right Stuff, Baby

With the recent reemergence of my childhood heroes, New Kids On The Block, I've been thinking about the male-crushes throughout my life. I've discovered that I had mostly horrible taste in men.

Donnie Wahlberg 16

First up, Donnie Wahlberg. He was such a badass. I was about six when they really hit it big. I had a Donnie doll, it was similar to a Ken doll, but had a rat tail made of barbie-like hair. Oh,so classy.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Next, JTT. Randy Taylor. Simba. He's someone I hadn't thought of in years, until he popped up in one of my favorite episodes of Veronica Mars (when Logan and Veronica finally hook up.)


This is one I don't feel bad about. Gavin Rossdale is still one of the sexiest men I've ever seen. Also, Bush is still one of my favorite bands.

backstreet boys

At one point, I loved each of them, so I can't target my favorite. But man, did I love the Backstreet Boys. From 7th grade to 10th grade was obsessed. Concerts, posters, all of it. I had awesome taste. I mean, come on. Look at how unposed and natural they look here. They still hold a certain place in my heart, but I can't listen to the music anymore without gagging.

ryan reynolds

Currently, it's all about Ryan Reynolds for me, so hopefully, you can see that my tastes have improved.

Now that I've shared my embarrassment with you, it's your turn. Who did you have a crush on growing up?


Avitable said...

Winnie from The Wonder Years
Haley from The Wizard
Gwen Stefani
Michael J. Fox

shiny said...

I was, for some reason, a Jennifer Keaton (Tina Yothers) fan. Maybe it was the "not too girly" aggressiveness that she exuded. Perhaps it's the same reason I liked Samantha from "Who's the Boss" (Alyssa Milano).

Oh -- and you can't forget Kimmy Gibbler from "Full House..."

Amanda said...

Avitable- Sure, who didn't love Alex P. Keaton?

Shiny- Who could forget Kimmy Gibbler?

Avitable said...

I can't comment on your most recent post - there's no "new comment" link or anything.

Robin said...

Gavin...((beating heart)) I've always ADORED him. Rawr!

Trukindog said...

Marcia Brady
Mary Ann from Gilligan
Stephany Zimbalist from Remington Steel
Bob from Soap

WOW thats an awful lot of BRIGHT WHITE you've got going on here.

Sarcastica said...

Wow. I didn't really have crushes on movie stars until I was about eleven, then I was all about Daniel Radcliffe. Then in later years (when I was like 16) I was madly inlove with William Mosely.

Amanda said...

Avitable- You can comment about it here

Robin- He is a sexy, sexy man

trukindog- I think Marcia Brady and Mary Anne are two classics

Sarcastica- Is that the guy from Narnia?

Avitable said...

I think it might be a glitch, though, if you can't leave new comments on new posts. Unless you purposely turned comments off.

Amanda said...

avitable- I think I accidentally turned them off. and I don't know how to turn them back on. I'll post something new later and we can see if it works then