May Angels Lead You In

This is going to be shorter than I want, but I have to leave for work in about seven minutes.

As you probably all well know, Lisa from Clusterfook passed away after her brave cancer battle last night. She leaves behind Dude and the girls.

I just wanted to share a super quick memory of Lisa. In the early stages of being diagnosed again, she was feeling awful from chemo but still positive in that Lisa-way. I had tweeted about my headache and she responded with something like "I'm sorry, headaches suck" or something like that.

I was blown away. After all she had been through, the sickness she was feeling, she was still sympathetic to my stupid headache.

That's one tiny example of the kindness Lisa showed every day.

Lisa, you will be missed.


Michael said...

Hi Amanda. Just read your "May Angels Lead You In" post. I assume you're referencing the Jimmy Eat World song with the title of your post. It's a beautiful song, and very appropriate. From your post, it sounds like Lisa was someone special.

Amanda said...

Michael- Lisa certainly was some one special, I wish I would have gotten to know her better. And yes, it was referencing Jimmy Eat World.