Happiness is Overrated

So, I received a quasi-promotion today. It's not a big one, just a little more money and a little more responsibility (opening the store, handling returns, etc.) It's like being a half manager. It's that time of year where everyone wants to take their vacation, and they were having trouble with overlapping vacation time. Otherwise, I doubt they'd have me doing this. It's temporary, through probably October.

I just wish it was under better terms. The store manager has breast cancer and will be out of the office at least through October until she finishes chemo, radiation, and (hopefully) a lumpectomy.

I'm also worried about my coworkers. They are a jealous, competitive bunch. For example, I tend to get more hours than most of them. It's not that I'm any better than them at the job, it's mostly based on my rapport with the scheduling manager. Also, I'm 100% flexible, especially during the summer months. I can work anytime, and I'm always up for helping out if the schedule needs to be changed, and I think that's what people don't understand. If they were flexible, and didn't ask off for every weekend, I'm sure they'd get more hours. But when you're only available every third day, it's just not possible for you to get a lot of hours. You should just be glad you have a decent paying job in this economy. And yet, they bitch. They bitch to me, they bitch to each other, they bitch to the managers about how unfair this is. Well, suck it up.

So I'm concerned about how they're going to react to my "promotion." I'm sure they'll be bitching about how they've been there longer than me, and how they are better equipped to do it. It can't always be about seniority, though, right? I mean, sometimes it has to be about flexibility and being a team player. It has to do with showing up on time, and getting your job done without complaining. I'm not claiming to be the best worker ever, but at least I try. And in the end, I guess that's what counted.


Tug said...

Congrats! Flexibility, work ethic & trying are very important. I had a driver that'd been with us for 5 years, another for 2, and we kept the shorter termed one because of his hard work & willingness to do anything to help out whether he was on the road or at the office.

Avitable said...

Fuck 'em. Hopefully it won't remain temporary and will mean more money for you permanently. They'll learn to live with it.

Robin said...

I think everyone is just way more catty and cut throat than ever before. I had to hide work of mine yesterday so people wouldn't steal work of mine. It's crazy.

Amanda said...

Tug- thanks!

Avitable- They'll have to get used to it, I guess

Robin- They're always so competitive about everything- They don't just meet the sales goal, they have to sell the most. We don't get commission, there's no reason except to be a show off

Hannah said...

I hate bitchy, overly competitive coworkers. But just keep doing what you're doing and ignore them and you'll come out on top. :)

Sarcastica said...

You know...I think that our generation's work ethics suck. I mean, lets take our grandparents era for example...they'd work any job, no matter how shitty it was, just to put food on the table. They'd work all kinds of crazy hours just to put clothes on their kids backs. That strong sense of work ethic seems to disappear more and more every year, and it sucks. That's my theory about the recession: work ethics disappearing.