So Easy To Please

I'm three days in to my new position, and it's going about as well as I had expected. For the most part, people are supportive. Or they don't care, which is equally fine with me. There's only one person who's being an ass about it, but she's the one I most expected to be difficult.

The real irritation about her is she truly believes she should have been offered the position based solely on seniority. During the summer, she doesn't work during the days because her kids are home from school. So she literally cannot do half of the job. They only need me to open the store and do returns. So why on earth would they have offered it to her?

Oh well. The other 12 people who work there are all fine with this, so it's all good. Mostly.

The rest of the job is fine. It's not any harder than the job I've already been doing, it's just slightly more work. I guess people had low expectations for me, or else everyone else is retarded, because they're all so impressed with how quickly I learned everything. Why yes, I can count to 15o, thank you. Yes, I can scan a receipt and press the big button that says 'return item'. I'm just a genius that way, I suppose.


Avitable said...

Well, that's a relief.

Poppy said...

Congrats on the promotion!

I understand people who've been somewhere a long time who have families to support EXPECT promotions... but they really do need to earn them, and if their family prevents them from doing the full job then their job is clearly to raise their family instead. *shrug* Not your problem.

Christie said...

woohoo for new job titles and crap!

Sarcastica said...

Glad to hear it's going well! and I wouldn't worry about that chick ;)

Hannah said...

Congratulations on the promotion but yeah don't worry about the chick. There will always be some petty and jealous individuals at any job. But if most are supportive, then that's great!