One More Time

I know I've been all Debbie Downer recently, which isn't the way I like to live my life. So today, I'm focusing on things that are making me happy:

  • They're slowly tearing down a hospital that's on my way to my college. They're actually using a wrecking ball, so the whole thing looks like something out of a disaster movie. Not only is the wreckage rad to look at, but my favorite part is the old men who gather to watch every day. They bring their lawn chairs and sit line up on the sidewalk to watch the destruction. I think it's great these guys, who probably don't even know each other, have found this common ground and camaraderie. They make me smile every time I drive past.
  • There's a deaf kid at my school who always parks near me. His car is covered in Daft Punk stickers. Now, he could have purchased the car used, I suppose. I like to think Daft Punk's beats appeal to everyone.
  • Last night's episode of Glee. The music? Great. I loved Finn's Jessie's Girl, Puck's Lady Is A Tramp and Kurt's Roses Turn. It was nice to have an episode I really enjoyed again, because it's been a little lackluster for me recently. Also:
-"I'm a sex shark. I stop moving, I die"

-"That's the problem with your generation... you're obsessed with labels. So you like show tunes. That doesn't mean you're gay, it means you're awful!

- You’re the only guy in school I haven’t made out with, because I thought you were capital-G gay. But having a perfect record would really mean a lot to me… So, let me know if you wanna tap this.”

-“When I saw a sign on the door that said ‘do not enter under any circumstances, I’m making out with a girl,’ I thought it was the start of one of your murder mysteries.”
  • The semester's over! And I passed all of my classes. Only one more semester to go after this.
  • I love that you can stream whole seasons of shows on Netflix. I'm watching Prison Break now, and I'll (re)watch Buffy next, while Mike and I together are watching Bones.
  • The National's new album High Violet. It's kind of phenomenal. I love The National more than I can describe. It's dark, moody, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, lush, haunting, complex, moving, and I could go on and on. I LOVE IT. It's not one of those bands/albums that grabs you immediately, and it's probably not for everybody (especially if you're more into pop) but it speaks to me. The National has to be the best "indie" band out there right now. Gorgeous.


Poppy said...

Daft Punk is a very visual band. They have the Interstella 5555 movie, yo! Also, their beats are pretty effing awesome. Also, they have the Stronger, Better, Faster video.

Anonymous said...

I know you and I have pretty much the same taste in music so you need to check out the following if you haven't already. Promise me you will.

Josh Ritter's new album, Avi Buffalo, the new Aqualung album, The New Pornographers new album, Broken Social Scene, Born Ruffians have a new album, Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album, Sub Pop as a sampler out on Amazon, check out the Merge Records sampler too. Um...there are too many really. I know you've probably checked out most of these so I'm just going to toss up a link to an mp3 I just posted earlier today that I think you should check out:

awesomejosh said...

and i don't know why that posted as anonymous. Blogger, your shit is broken.

Robin said...

Yay for the semester being over, I've missed you online!

Amanda said...

Poppy- I think a deaf kid could like them... I mean, those beats. really.

Josh- I love Josh Ritter, aqualung, the new pornographers, and BSS, but I'm not familiar with Born Ruffians or Avi Buffalo, I will check them out, yo.

Robin- I'm back, and I have nothing but free time

Avitable said...

Nice job on your classes!

I loved this week's Glee. Puck's "Watch out, black girl from Glee club whose name I can't remember" made me laugh.

jess [the bottle chronicles] said...

I watched the Glee-a-thon the other weekend, first time watching Glee...loved it. Sucked me in, damnit!

I hate fads, so I avoided it. But it was Glee or Jersey SHore...hah