We Expected Something Better Than Before

First of all, I appreciate your support. It's good to know that people have your back. I'm kind of a loner, but it's easy to slip from loner to lonely when I'm having trouble because I'm not good at discussing my problems. I love to bottle things up, then push it down deep and ignore it. Expressing real emotions isn't really my thing.

I should also specify, my boyfriend and I haven't broken up. We're just going through a rough patch. Everything I said in my last post was true, but it was also written while I was crying and was maybe a little more forcefully worded than I should have.

And the truth is, I'm just as bad. That was obviously written from my point of view, which places all the blame on him, which isn't true. I have my problems as well. Neither of us are good communicators, plus we're both indecisive and we're both pushovers. We both ignore problems in hopes that they go away.

It makes it hard to have a healthy relationship that way. We are working on it though. I'm not willing to let go just yet.


Poppy said...

I don't remember what I said on the last post, but I kinda figured you were just really unhappy and said those words then. It is tough to keep a relationship together, period, but even more so when you bot don't really like dealing with problems/conflict. It is easy to build resentment in that situation, so perhaps moving forward you can go outside the comfort zone to talk through stuff to give the relationship a fair chance... Life problems only get harder as your lives are even more entangled.

Robin said...

So many times I've expressed things in the moment and then calmed down a bit. I get that. Just take care of you, that's all I ask.

Sarcastica said...


We all have to work on our communication skills.


Avitable said...

It's good to communicate, but even sometimes that isn't enough. Both of you want to have to change if it's going to work, and I wish you the best.