Seven Years

So, today is our 7 year anniversary. I stayed up really late last night watching a tv show on Netflix, like an idiot. So I woke up late today, around 10. I stumbled into the kitchen and saw a bag from Dunkin Donuts next to a flower on the kitchen table, and a note that said "COFFEE" on my microwave. I opened it to find a delicious Starbucks vanilla latte. I had just started digging into my munchkins when the phone rang.

Apparently, Mike came by with the stuff and I was still asleep. He didn't want to wake me up, so he sat in the living room for a half an hour waiting for me to wake up on my own. He started to feel creepy, so he drove to his office and called me to wake me up.

It was then that I really looked at the flower on the table. It's an orchid. In a pot. Like I'm supposed to water it and keep it alive. I have never in my life tried to have a plant before. I barely remember to feed and water myself most days.

So I've been doing research on how to care for an orchid, and apparently it's complex. Did you know an orchid can get a sunburn? It can. And you have to let it dry out for one day before you water it because it likes to be dry for a day before it's wet again. And you should avoid the center of the plant and just water around the edges. There are a lot of online orchid communities.

Any bets on how long it will be before I kill it?


Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary!

ps. My favorite is an iced vanilla latte too <3

Poppy said...

I'm going to suggest the following to you both for next year: Let Mike know it's ok to wake you up for something really nice. :)

Happy anniversary!!!

Avitable said...

48 hours.

Congrats on the anniversary. Good for Mike for remembering and doing something about it!

Tug said...

Congrats on the anniversary, & yay for Mike!

There are times when being dry for a day before getting wet again are a good thing...who knew. ;-)

You can do it!

jess [the bottle chronicles] said...

Awh congrats on 7 years! Wow!!!

And, I kill plants too. You're not alone!