Dressing Up to Touch All This

There is a phenomenon today that completely confuses me. It's dressing up in character to go see a movie. I'm not making fun of you if this is something you do (well... maybe a little.) I'm really just confused at the reasons behind it.

Are you trying to prove what a fan you are? The fact that you're at that movie at the midnight opening is pretty good proof.

Are you just so excited you don't know how to express it?

I've only see this happen a few times. I wasn't at the movie people were dressed up for, but it's hard not to notice the pointy ears and masks. I think the only movies I've seen people dress up for are Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I've heard there were people dressed up last night for the Dark Knight.

Actually, I have a second question. This one isn't as confusing, but still. Why do you wait for hours to go see a movie at midnight? Several of my friends went last night to see the Dark Knight. It'll still be playing tomorrow, when you don't have to wait in line for hours and no one (hopefully) will be wearing a batsuit?

Is the sense of superiority you have for seeing it 12 hours before everyone else that gratifying?


Avitable said...

I guess that fans show their love in different ways. When Serenity came out, everyone was dressed in brown coats, which was awesome to see.

I think that seeing a movie before anyone else is cool, which is why I try to check out press screenings and other screenings that come out a few days before the movie, but midnight showings don't interest me that much. I bet the energy in those movies is pretty amazing, though, because the whole audience is comprised of fans.

Robin said...

I only ever dress up for RHPS, that's the only time it's cool.