I Saw Fireworks From The Freeway

Things I Did This Weekend

(Alternatively titled: How I Gained 10 pounds)

  • Played and beat Guitar Hero Aerosmith
  • Bought a pretty new blue dress
  • Went to a fun cookout that involved beer and badminton
  • Ate a platter of fried food
  • Saw Hancock (yay)
  • Worked at job#1
  • Played Tiger Woods 08 outside under the stars and fireworks
  • Also watched 10,000 B.C. (blech) outside
  • Ate ate my favorite pizza place
  • Visited my brother at the hospital where he'd been for two days before he decided to call anyone in the family to tell them where he was (he's fine, we think. No worries.)
  • Ate kabobs, yucca, and plantains at a Peruvian restaurant
  • Ate ice cream
  • Watched Be Kind, Rewind
  • Worked at job #2
  • Slept


Avitable said...

Did you like Hancock?

Robin said...

I don't know about the rest but I know you didn't visit me.

Lucy said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And I love that ice cream too. I'm totally having an affair with the cake batter ice cream with crushed up Heath bar bits in it. Yummm.

Amanda said...

Avitable- Very much

Robin- I was in the bushes outside your house, as always

Lucy- I had cake batter with cookie dough. There's not much better than cake batter ice cream