A, You're Adorable

I don't know if you guys have seen WALL-E yet (if not, why?). It was really good. However, for me, Presto was awesome. This is my favorite short. I know I mentioned this yesterday, but I just watched it again, and damn. It is too adorable. Poor baby waby schmoopy bunny. I just want to squeeze and squeeze.


Avitable said...

I do like the Pixar shorts, sometimes even better than the movies themselves.

Robin said...

I don't even know what it's about. I just don't go to see these movies.

MommyMadness said...

Heh! At the kindergarten Mothers Day tea, the kids sang the A, You're Adorable song!

i had never heard it before and I loved it!

Hilly said...

Hrm, I really want to go see this movie. I like adorable things!

Amanda said...

Avitable- I love the snowman one too

Robin- I just like the Pixar movies

mommymadness- It's an awesome song

Hilly- It really is adorable, or at least as adorable as robots can be