Drift Away

I'm going to combine two memes today, but they have a similar theme, so get over it.

First, a little while ago, everyone had that Wordle thing showing what words they use the most on their blog. I saw a new one going around where you go here, and then here, and get a word huddle about your Last.fm profile. So here it is.

Do you think I like Jason Mraz?

The second meme also involves music. It's the soundtrack of my life:

Opening credits: Chocolate- Snow Patrol

It’s inspiring and cheerful. Mostly.

Waking up: From the Morning- Nick Drake

Average day: Here It Goes Again- Ok Go

First date: The Fear That You Won’t Fall- Joshua Radin

Falling in Love: You and Both- Jason Mraz

It’s not the most romantic song in the world, but it’s what we were listening to when we fell in love. On the surface it sounds romantic.

Love Scene: I’m Yours- Jason Mraz

What’s not to love?

Fight Scene: When Anger Shows- Editors

Breaking up: No One’s Gonna Love You- Band Of Horses

It’s so sweet and sad

Getting Back Together: I Hear The Bells- Mike Doughty

This is the song that was playing when Logan got drunk and talked to Veronica about how their love is epic. It’s possibly my favorite scene from a tv show, ever.

Secret Love: Hold You In My Arms- Ray LaMontagne

This song doesn’t remind me of anything in particular, but it sounds so sad to me.

Life’s Okay: Flowers In The Window- Travis

Mental Breakdown: Walk In Fire- Doves

Driving: Nothing Better- The Postal Service

Learning A Lesson: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know- The Thrills

Deep Thought: The Weight Of The World- Editors

I don’t know what it is, but this song speaks to me on so many levels. It makes me want to cry. And smile. And close my eyes.

Flashback: The Past And Pending- The Shins

Partying: Four To The Floor- Starsailor

Happy Dance: Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet

Regretting: Silence Is Easy- Starsailor

Long Night Alone: Gobbledigook- Sigur Ros

Death Scene: Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright

Closing Credits: I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab for Cutie


Avitable said...

Cool! I'll have to try the Last.fm one.

Lisa said...

That's a cool! I'm going to try it although I'm afraid mine is going to have competing bands...Foo Fighters vs. The Rolling Stones. Alanis Morrisette will compete for a close second.

Lisa said...

I was totally right...http://wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/88682/lastfm

Amanda said...

Avitable- Oooh, Avril

Lisa- Nice. I love the Foo Fighters