Twenty First Century's Yesterday

My boyfriend's car has been slowly crapping out for a while now, and recently he found out it needed $3000+ worth of work on it. He only had it for five years, but he put more than a 150,000 miles on it through various trips to Colorado, Kansas City, Orlando, plus dozens of trips between St. Louis and Columbia when I went to Mizzou. So we decided it wasn't worth it to fix it up, and went car shopping.

The car he purchased came with six months of free Sirius radio. We've been having fun playing around it with it (All Springsteen, all the time!)

But when it came down to it, all we want to listen to was the 80s station and the 90s station. This is a bad sign, right? Every time I turn it on the top 40 station I only recognize a few of the songs, and that's just because they're on at work. My boyfriend doesn't know any of them. However, we know all the words when INXS is on, so that's something to be proud of.

I feel like my parents, when I was a kid they only listened to the classic rock station. I guess no music is better than what you listened to during your formative years.


Avitable said...

Your formative years weren't the 80s, were they?

Robin said...

Yeah but classic rock is way better than anything from the 80s or 90s.

Sarah said...

My dad's truck has sirius right now for a year free and I play all kinds weird crap on there. But then I have really weird taste in music.