Do You Ever Wonder, What Could Happen Under, Under The Umbrella Tree

I've had a couple of awesome reminders of my childhood. First, I was flipping through tv and Reading Rainbow was on PBS. LeVar Burton was still the host. That's nuts. I looked him up on IMDB and he was the host from 1983-2005. 22 years hosting Reading Rainbow. That's amazing. The song still had the same lyrics, but it wasn't the same tune. It's been stuck in my head since then and I'm driving my boyfriend crazy singing it.

Second, DListed posted about Gummi Bears today, including the theme video.

I think if I had to rank them, Gummi Bears would definitely fall in my top 5 tv shows from when I was a kid.

1. Under The Umbrella Tree
2. Kids, Incorporated
3. Gummi Bears
4. Garfield and Friends
5. Rugrats
6. Clarissa Explains It All
7. CatDog
8. Angry Beavers
9. Doug
10 Hey Arnold

Yes, I know I said five, but I thought of 10, so whatever.

What were your favorite shows as a kid?


Robin said...

I think I only watched Clarissa Explains it All out of all of those on a regular basis, most of those I never heard of. I think you are enough years younger to be in a slightly different tv generation.

This is a good idea for a top 5 though, thanks!

Avitable said...

I liked Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Electric Company, and I'm sure there were some others, too, but that's what I remember.