Half The Fun Is That I Can't Keep Up

How was your weekend?

Mine was crazy fun. It started early Saturday when we drove up to Springfield, IL (4 hours round trip). We went to the Obama/Biden rally. It meant so many different things to me that it's hard to describe. The sense of community, the feelings of pride in a candidate, just the sheer excitement were almost overwhelming. People were truly moved by what these candidates had to say. In all reality, I was voting for Obama one way or the other, but it was still nice to hear the speeches in person (even if it was one billion degrees outside)

After we made the trek back to St. Louis, we went to a housewarming party for a friend who's in college. We were the oldest people there, which is a great feeling. I know I'm kind of a loser, but I haven't really been to that many college parties. My boyfriend and I spend most of our time watching movies, we don't get out much. So it was interesting to see the dynamics between drunken coeds. Oh, and my boyfriend spent most of the time in my friend's bedroom, fixing her computer. He's a party animal.

Sunday we spend part of the afternoon at my favorite lunch place. It's a meal that drags on for a long time (in a good way!. We split the cheese and sausage platter, then got dessert. We're nothing but healthy.

We spent the rest of the weekend curled up in bed watching Joan of Arcadia and Dexter (season 2). (Which we're no where near done yet). Then we went to the movies and saw The Rocker, which was so-so. It was super predictable and average, but I didn't hate it. I love Rainn Wilson and Teddy Geiger, so it's all good.

What'd you do this weekend?


Robin said...


Drove all the way to Natick only to turn around and come back.
Visit a friend who informed me that all of our friends would be horrified if I ever became a mother.
Went to TGI Fridays.
Had some ice cream.

Avitable said...

Which restaurant is your favorite?

Amanda said...

Robin- Ohh we had Friday's also before the party. Yum.

Avitable- I meant to link to it and forgot. It's the Little Hills Winery. It's in old St. Charles on the riverfront

Trukindog said...

I spent my weekend in support of the AMERICAN candidate J. McCain...but I respect your right to freedom of choice, even if you make the wrong one :-) I'm just sayin.

Don't hate me, I just couldn't resist givin you a dig.