Free To Decide

I try not to talk about politics a lot. But everyone's been talking about the very important election, so it's hard to ignore all the buzz and drama.

I've seen dirty politics, I've seen attempts at bribery. I'm shocked at the begging and pleading, and cheap attempts to win votes

One candidate has risen above the others, and is the clear choice for me. He's a man that stands on honor and integrity

He'll also send you a picture of his balls without provocation.

Yes, that's right. For me, Adam Avitable is the best choice for the Hot Male Blogger calender. Go here to vote, and help make history.


Robin said...

You have a little brown on your nose there Amanda ;)

Avitable said...


You are awesome. You are my favoritest person in the whole world.

Now if only you'd put your money together and fly down for my Halloween party . . .