Ever The Same

Thirty Days Of Night is a movie about vampires invading the northernmost part of Alaska, where it is nighttime for a full month.

While I appreciate this movie's attempt at originality, mostly it was the same old horror movie. Same basic plot about being trapped/isolated, same basic characters that are all just slightly flawed, but not so much that you don't still like them, same stupid love story. Some of the gore was pretty cool, the action was intense, and there were a few tense moments. Mostly its just slightly boring and repetitive. It was shot and acted well. I love Ben Foster, he always plays the weirdest roles. So, if you like horror movies, its not a bad one, especially for a vampire movie. If you don't particularly like horror movies, its really not a good choice for you.


Dave2 said...

I haven't seen it, but enjoyed the comic books upon which it was based. I will probably just wait and rent the DVD now, so thanks for the tip!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'd like to see it, but there are a lot of good movies out there and I only have so much time.

I am only one man, for God's sake!

Amanda said...

Dave: it'll be better on dvd I think. I think the theater gives you more expectations, its okay if your rental isn't great

Mr Fab: I know, man. I really want to see gone baby gone and rendition. My friend bob LOVES horror movies so he asked us to go, otherwise we would have seen something else

Avitable said...

The comic book was pretty good, and I just liked the idea of a setting where the sun didn't rise.

Amanda said...

avitable: that's part of what I did like about it. The setting was great, and there were some original parts.

Of course, I could have been distracted by all the retards that were talking during the movie