Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy

It's my water pump that's broken, not my power steering. My car is a peice of crap, and not worth putting real money in, so I think I may cut my loses and get a new car. Well, not a new car. A different car.


I saw Across the Universe last weekend. It's the story of two lovers from different backgrounds trying to make it work in the turbulent Vietnam era 60s. It's set to the tunes of the Beatles, much of the movie is in song.

I thought it was brilliant. Well acted, well sung, well directed. It was visually beautiful and engaging. I don't have much else to say, except that you should go see it, so here are a few random thoughts:

Evan Rachel Wood was less annoying than usual.

Jim Sturgess, I am in love with you. Call me?

When Universal makes that movie about Kurt Cobain, they need to cast Joe Anderson as Kurt.

Dana Fuchs should be a big star. She had one of the most amazing voices I've heard in a really long time.


Avitable said...

Anybody with the real last name of "Fucks" should be a star.

Amanda said...

avitable: so true. You'd think porn though, not totally awesome singer

Sarcastica said...

I have been dying to see that movie! After that review, I'm all the more excited to see it :)