I Turn My Camera On

We're home... We had to rent a car because the dealership doesn't know how long it will take. The car could possibly be totaled, the radiator is shot, the a/c something cracked and snapped off (I don't know the terms he used) and the fan is pushed into the engine. It's a 2003, so its probably not worth too much. We will see.

Our trip to Colorado was really fun, except for the car trouble at the end.

Day One (Wednesday) was a travel day. We made it from St. Louis to Colorado Springs in about 11 1/2 hours, which is really good time. The picture is of the first time we could see mountains. And of a construction barrel.

Day Two (Thursday) we went to Royal Gorge. Its basically a bridge that stretches over a gorge. There's an aerial tram that also runs across the gorge, and an incline railroad that takes you to the bottom.

Day Three (Friday) we went to Pike's Peak. We decided against taking the railroad to to the top, because I'm not a big fan of sharing small smelly places with a bunch of tourists, so we drove to the top. When I say we, I mean my boyfriend. If you looking closely you can see the shiny silver flats I chose to wear on a mountain. I plan well. It was absolutely beautiful, but on the way down we got stuck behind a Toyota that was riding its brakes the whole way. We both had to stop at a rest station halfway down because of "hot breaks." For dinner that night, we went to the kind of trendy downtown area and had dinner at Phantom Canyon Brewery.

Day Four (Saturday) we drove up to Denver. We went to the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the Denver Aquarium. I really liked the art museum. We had lunch at Casa Bonita, a la Eric Cartman. We had dinner at the Cherry Creek Grill, which was nice, then went to see Who's Line with Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie. It was absolutely hilarious. If you have a chance to check them out, I highly recommend it. There was tons of audience participation, and it was funny from beginning to end.

Day Five (Sunday) we went to Cave of the Winds and took a tour there. It was a bit overly commercialized, but not as bad as some caves. Then Sunday night we saw Across the Universe, which was really great. I may write more about this later, but I thought it was really good.

Day Six (Monday) we went horseback riding through the Garden of the Gods. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this as I was clinging to dear life to my saddle. I forgot how much horses terrify me. There's a reason I haven't been on one in ten years. My boyfriend, however, had a great time and made friends with our guide, a black, liberal, southern, poet cowboy. He was interesting. My ass is still crying. Then afterwards we went to the Air Force academy and looked around there.

Day Seven (Tuesday) I have no pictures of because there's nothing interesting in Kansas. I really started getting antsy when I saw a sign advertising Bob Dole and Arlen Specter's hometown.

Bonus: Day Eight (Wednesday) we spent the morning on the phone with the dealer, the car rental place, and the insurance company. We drove back home with the rental. They only had two cars available at Enterprise, and they were a Ford Focus or a Chevy Aveo. We got the Focus, which I believe to be the lesser of the two evils, but I could be wrong.

So all and all it was a great trip, I'm glad we chose Colorado. We didn't do any hiking like I thought we would, but that's probably okay.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...you spent more time outside in a week than I do in six months.

ADW said...

All that nature. Blech!!

J/k. Looks like you had a great time. At least until the car trouble.

Avitable said...

I want to hear more about Whose Line - I'd love to go to a live show of theirs!

Robin said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Amanda said...

Mr. Fabulous- Yeah, its more time than I usually spend too. But the colorado weather is way nicer

ADW: We did have a good time

Avitable: It was pretty awesome. I learned the meaning of "Don't tose your coot" and "buttshit." Brad Sherwood definitely carried the show, I always loved Colin on tv, but Brad was great live.

Robin: Thank you!

Poppy Cede said...

I stayed in a DoubleTree that had a view of Pike's Peak several years back. :) Weirdest business trip ever, for several other reasons.