Piece of My Heart

I tend to be very fickle in life, in school, movies, etc. I always want something different than what I have, and I skip aimlessly from one thing to another.

Music has been in some ways the aspect of my life that changes the most, and also my greatest constant. I listen to it when I'm happy, I listen to it when I'm sad, and everything in between. I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with my favorite songs, and I think I’ve actually done it. It won’t stop me from wanting to change it in a few minutes, but as of right now, these are my favorites.

The standard that I used was whether or not I’ve grown tired of it. Yes, I liked a certain boy band in the late 90s, but I was 13. They’re not something that’s stuck with me, and they’re not still relevant today. These are twenty songs that I’ve kept with me through the years. Some are older than others, but I love them all. They’re not in any order. Keep in mind I was born in the mid 80s, so there’s not really anything from the 80s on here. I like a lot of it now, but I didn’t necessarily at the time. And also, keep in mind, this means I was a child/teenager through the 90s and early 00s, so that’s certainly affected this list. I only used one song per artist, although some certainly could have been on here more than once.

  1. Don’t Look Back in Anger- Oasis
  2. Karma Police- Radiohead
  3. Silence is Easy- Starsailor
  4. She Says- Howie Day
  5. You and I Both- Jason Mraz
  6. Cannonball- Damien Rice
  7. Chocolate- Snow Patrol
  8. What’s the Frequency Kenneth- REM
  9. Glycerine- Bush
  10. Crush- Dave Matthews Band
  11. Jeremy- Pearl Jam
  12. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve
  13. Buddy Holly- Weezer
  14. Santeria- Sublime
  15. Breathing- Lifehouse
  16. Everlong- Foo Fighters
  17. Macy’s Day Parade- Greenday
  18. Coke- Flickerstick
  19. Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots
  20. Transatlantiscm- Death Cab for Cutie

Well? What are your favorites?


Mr. Fabulous said...

I know exactly one song on that list.


ADW said...

I can guarantee that this list will change with age. Most of my favorite songs were created before I was born....

Dave2 said...

01. Depeche Mode: The Mercy in You
02. Thompson Twins: If You Were Here
03. Etta James: At Last
04. Danny Wilson: Mary's Prayer
05, Bruce Hornsby & The Range: The Way it Is
06. Filter: Take a Picture
07. Icehouse: Heartbreak Kid
08. Pet Shop Boys: Flamboyant
09. Keane: Everybody's Changing
10. Duran Duran: Come Undone
11. Jon Bon Jovi: Miracle
12. The Cure: Pictures of You
13. Psychedelic Furs: Until She Comes
14. Baltimora: Tarzan Boy
15. New Order: Ruined in a Day
16. Elbosco: Nirvana
17. Electronic: Second Nature
18. Cause & Effect: Vicarage Road
19. The Corrs: So Young
20. Erasure: You Surround Me

Amanda said...

Mr. Fabulous: that's because you're old! :)

ADW: I went through a period where I smoked a lot of pot and listened to 70s rock, if that counts

Dave: Nice choices

Sarcastica said...

I have a million favourites. Here are the top ones of today;
1. Over It - Katharine McPhee
2. Apologize - Timbaland
3. No One - Alicha Keys
4. Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
5. How Come The World Won't Stop - Anastacia
...and a million more. That's just what I'm feeling now :)

Amanda said...

sarcastica: my current favorite songs change constantly