When It Rains It's Sure to Pour

So, on my way home from work to night, my car started making popping noises, but I was already halfway home so I continued on. Then about two minutes from my house, on a very main street, my check battery and check brake lights came on. The car soldiered on, but when I went to turn onto my street I could barely turn the wheel, and it got worse as my street went on. The check brakes light went off halfway down my street.

My mom and brother took a look and they think my power steering is shot, but that doesn't explain why the check battery light came on. So, good times. Its been an awesome couple of days.


Mr. Fabulous said...


Avitable said...

It's carma.

Sarcastica said...

Man that sucks.

On the plus side, Avitable can't spell. It's karma, dumbass lmao.

Amanda said...

Mr. Fabulous- Its always the damn gremlins

Avitable: haha that took me awhile to get... you're pretty funny

Sarcastuca: I think he was making a joke... Car-ma. He's a funny guy

Avitable said...

Sarcastica, c'mon. You didn't get the joke??

Yes, I meant "car-ma".