Girl, I'm So Cool

Guess what, everyone? I'm one of the cool kids. That's right. The one, the only, the always funny Troy has tagged me with a meme. Hey, he could have given me Mongolian dysentery.

This is the one where you discuss whether or not the month you are born in can describe who you are as a person. I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it all the details can be found here. There's a lot for November, so hang on. I was 19 out of 38 of them, so you probably could have put any adjectives in front of me and the results would have been the same. I don't think 50% confirms anything.

Has a lot of ideas- I like to think so. I mean, I’m an art student studying interior design. So that would suck.

Difficult to fathom- That depends on who you ask

Thinks forward- Absolutely. I love to plan things.

Unique and brilliant- Of course I’m brilliant.

Extraordinary ideas- Again, I hope so

Sharp thinking- Generally, I’m pretty quick.

Fine and strong clairvoyance- Not at all. I’m obtuse.

Can become good doctors- I don’t think you want me treating you. I did get a B in my biology class if that counts.

Dynamic in personality- I hope so

Secretive- Not at all. I love telling people my business.

Inquisitive- Yes, I’m nosy as hell.

Knows how to dig secrets- I sure try

Always thinking- Is it possible not to think? Can you turn it off?

Less talkative but amiable- No, I talk frequently.

Brave and generous- I’m a huge chicken.

Patient- I’m super impatient, actually.

Stubborn and hard-hearted- I’m not that stubborn, not really. Sometimes, but only when people are ordering me what to do when I don’t want to.

If there is a will, there is a way- Nah I give up easy.

Determined- Sometmes

Never give up- No, I give up. This is repetitive.

Hardly becomes angry unless provoked- No I get angry quite easily.

Loves to be alone- Yeah I do. Sadly.

Thinks differently from others- Probably true

Sharp-minded- I hope so. Was this on here already?

Motivates oneself- No I’m lazy. Very very lazy.

Does not appreciate praises- What? Crazy. I love praises.

High-spirited- Yes mostly.

Well-built and tough- I’m fairly tough.

Deep love and emotions- Sure, why not.

Romantic- Not really. I think most things are cheesy.

Uncertain in relationships- Nah.

Homely- Ouch. I hope not.

Hardworking- Nope, lazy. I do the least amount of work as possible.

High abilities- Sure, I have all sorts of skills.

Trustworthy- No I will blab to anyone who will listen. Don’t tell me anything.

Honest and keeps secrets- Honest, but I can’t keep a secret.

Not able to control emotions- No, I’m fairly in control.

Unpredictable- Not really, I’m boring,


Mr. Fabulous said...

You can't keep secrets. You told me about your penis.

Oh. I guess I can't keep them either.

Avitable said...

She told you? She showed me.

CamiKaos said...

i love that you love to tell people your business...